lesue family happenings

Well, here we are… with our own little blog. I figure that if I post enough on here about our happenings then I won’t feel as guilty for being such a flaky journal keeper!

A few things that have happened recently:

Dave had an emergency appendectomy. It was kind of scary, but all is well. The surgery went well and he is recovering–-today being his first day back to work. Today, Nezzie asked me where Daddy was and I told her that he went back to work and she said, “Oh, he went to the hospital.” I told her that he isn’t at the hospital anymore, and that he is getting better, to which she responded, “Daddy has a owie. It’s yucky.” She makes a pretty good disgusted face whenever she talks about “Daddy’s yucky owie.”

Inez Marie is great at being a two-year old. She baffles Dave and me with this one particular phrase that she says ALL THE TIME, which is, “Mommy? I drivin’ Nezzie’s house.” She started saying it when we were out and about in the car, and it made more sense. But now, she says it all the time when we are at home. It’s so weird and frustrating since it makes no sense…to us.

I had my ultrasound a few weeks back and Dave and I were on pins and needles because my midwife thought that she had heard two heartbeats. It turns out that I just have one bun in the oven. This pregnancy has reminded me how much I dislike being pregnant. Now 22 weeks along (6 months), I am still sick. Just when I think that I’m over the really bad days, I am humbled once again. As hard as it would be to have twins, it would be nice to get two babies out of one pregnancy for me!

Well, I think I’ve rambled on too long for the first post. If I keep this up, I will be the only one reading them!