nezzie’s first boyfriend

Here are some great pictures of Nezzie with her first boyfriend, Luke Benton, thanks to Luke’s Mom Brooke. These two are so funny together, and yesterday Nezzie told me that she is going to get married in the temple to “Wuke” as she calls him. Should I be worried that she’s only two and talking about getting married?

i hate moving

Moving is never fun, but to have to do it all in one week is even worse. We found a renter who needed a place fairly soon and since we were flexible, Dave said that we could be out in one week. One week to pack and move everything! Not to mention how busy Dave has been with his freelance work. The week before our move he was up until 6 a.m. two different nights, which is in addition to his full time job and helping me. Needless to say, the last few weeks of our lives were not at all fun!

So we are renting out our townhouse and we will be staying for the time being in a home that my parents own. My parents get back in three weeks from China, which Nezzie is really looking forward to. I am also excited to have a “roomate” that will be coming back with a whole lot of bags and purses that I can borrow! Now if I could just get us unpacked and organized.

This picture was from our peaceful pre-move existence.