fun with the cousins

Well Nezzie had a lot of fun with her Wihongi cousins this last week. She even got all the names down–Tainui, Tazzie, Tama, Teina, Tui, Auntie Kiki & Uncle Vaughnie. She really loved playing with everyone, which was also a nice break for me because I know that I’m not the best playmate. Especially on those days when I am so tired I will let her watch that crazy kids show “The Doodlebops” just to be able to sleep for 30 minutes! Dave and I are trying to convince her that the Doodlebops are weird though. We haven’t convinced her yet.

The second picture is of Nezzie kissing Tui. I told her to give him a kiss and he didn’t want to, but that didn’t stop our Nezzie girl. She grabbed him anyway and planted one on him. I’m just not sure how I feel about the kissin’ cousins.

Also, I have NO idea what Nezzie is doing with her hands on Tui’s knees in the first picture.

  1. Melissa

    I agree, the doodlebops are creepy! And a little too peppy.

  2. Joe Kewish

    Yo, the Doodlebops are whack.


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