the belly

I can’t believe that this is my first belly picture of this pregnancy. I am excited about this baby, but am distracted by Nezzie and life as well. Also, our camera was stolen back in March, so that is partly why this is the first belly picture.

Anyway, here I am at 30 & 1/2 weeks…”estimated deliver date” being September 24th. This baby is SO active ALL the time, too. Maybe this one is anxious to get out which could mean that this time around labor won’t be as long!

  1. Melissa

    What a pretty mommy! I’m so excited for you guys, maybe this one’s going to be a soccer play-ah.

  2. Beth

    Don’t you just love getting out the old maternity clothes? By the end you are SO READY to put them away! But then you realize you still need them for a while after the birth. You look great!


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