Here’s Nezzie trying on quite a lot of Grandma’s jewelry. She loves it every time we get all my Mom’s goods out.

nezzie & the tortoise

Here are some pictures of Inez with Einy (nickname for Einstein, I think) the tortoise. He is the offspring of the tortoises that belonged to my Great Grandma Inez. She liked him until I put him on her lap, obviously.

girl cousins

Inez & I went to California with my Dad for a quick trip to Bridget’s baptism. It was fun to be there and Inez LOVED watching her cousin get baptized. After Bridget went under the water, Nezzie turned around and looked at me with a very excited look on her face and started clapping. Then she threw a minor tantrum because she wanted to “get baptized.” She really just wanted to get into the water and swim.

California was fun, although I was so miserably hot. It was extremely humid. I am so glad to live in the dry climate of Utah! I cannot deal with the constant sweat, and being pregnant didn’t make things easier. In fact as we were getting ready for the baptism my Dad said to me, “I don’t think there’s anything worse than wearing a white shirt and tie in this heat.” I promptly responded, “I think being pregnant in this heat is a little worse.” He took back his words.