& after…IT’S A GIRL!!!

Here she is: Gwendolyn Carol Lesue
Born: Wednesday, September 20th, 1:13pm
Weighing in at 6lbs. 13 ozs., 21.5 inches long
After only 13 hours of labor(much better than 46 hours like it was with Nezzie!), and about 15 minutes of pushing.
We were pleasantly surprised she turned out to be a girl…I kept thinking it was a boy for some reason.
Inez is excited to be a big sister, so far. We’ll see how she does once we come home from the hospital with baby Gwen.


Here’s the belly at 39+ weeks on Monday, Sept. 18th.


Inez had so much fun with all her cousins that came to Utah for Uncle Jon’s wedding. Here she is with Tui & Joey. I love how tight her little hand is around Joey’s neck here. It looks like he is realizing how tight that grip is himself!