blue eyed babe

Here’s our little Gwen with very blue eyes, which are hardly seen with all the sleeping that she does. Also one of her crying, which I think is such a cute face.

the little witch

Nezzie wasn’t too excited about trying on the witch’s hat…that is until I bribed her so that I could get some good pictures. Then I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of her!

punkin patch

So we found this little punkin patch in Springville by our old house where you can pick & cut your own pumpkins. It was fun but very cold!

our little kitty

So this year Nezzie is going to be a black kitty kat for Halloween.

I have to say it’s really hard to draw wiskers on a squirmy two year old.

She got a trail run as she dressed up for her cousin Laynie’s Halloween themed birthday party.

true blue

Here we are at the BYU homecoming football game. We went with Mom & Dad K and Uncle Jon too.
It was so much fun, until Gwen woke up and wanted to eat. I hadn’t gotten the chance to pump, and I wasn’t really wanting to nurse her at the game…call me crazy.

Nezzie had SO much fun. We bought her a BYU t-shirt before the game and she was very excited to wear it–”just like the Wihongis and Charles & Joey!”. When we got there she was so excited, she was shaking, not knowing how to contain herself with all the excitement around her. She was very eager to participate in all the cheers and stomping her feet and singing the fight song. Periodically she would yell, “BYU COUGARS!” as loud as she possibly could. Based on this experience I don’t see her going to any other school. She is a very loyal two-year old BYU fan.

the hospital

Here are some pictures from our hospital stay.

Gwen one hour old.

Even though this one is blurry, I love it.

the sleeper

I have taken so many pictures of Gwen sleeping…but I suppose that is to be expected since that’s almost all she does! Here it looks like she will be waking up with a serious case of cotton mouth.


“I wanna hold her; I wanna touch her head; I wanna touch her hand; I wanna see her;” and so on. It’s fun to see Inez getting more excited about her little sister. This morning she kept putting her hands on Gwen’s cheeks and saying, “Hi Sissy!” over and over. Gwen was very attentive to the sound, in my opinion. But then again, it’s always hard to know what newborns are REALLY thinking.

the girls

So I know that I am extra emotional these days, but the first time Dave said, “the girls” I cried!

I love Gwen’s lips! They are just like Nezzie’s.

On the way home from the hospital…I just love how little she is and how big the binky is!

I know I am biased, but she is such a cutie!

Our little adventurer, with her first battle wound. She had a meeting with the pavement.

fun with the wihongis

After Jon’s wedding, Kristy & her kids stayed an extra week & a half, so Nezzie had a lot of fun getting to know the Wihongi cousins. It was really fun to see her interact with them…as long as she wasn’t being a bully to Tui.

Tainui, Tama, Nezzie, Tui, Teina & Tasman at Bridal Veil Falls. I love Tazzie’s beautiful long hair!

The one who lives in the same town as BYU is the one without a BYU t-shirt. Joey & Charles Kewish are also in this picture.

Future missionaries.

Kristy with her new hair cut, me with my belly. Last time we both had pictures taken here our lives were very different as missionaries. Kristy had long hair, I was in my “glory days” as a skinny girl…just to name a few.