fun with the wihongis

After Jon’s wedding, Kristy & her kids stayed an extra week & a half, so Nezzie had a lot of fun getting to know the Wihongi cousins. It was really fun to see her interact with them…as long as she wasn’t being a bully to Tui.

Tainui, Tama, Nezzie, Tui, Teina & Tasman at Bridal Veil Falls. I love Tazzie’s beautiful long hair!

The one who lives in the same town as BYU is the one without a BYU t-shirt. Joey & Charles Kewish are also in this picture.

Future missionaries.

Kristy with her new hair cut, me with my belly. Last time we both had pictures taken here our lives were very different as missionaries. Kristy had long hair, I was in my “glory days” as a skinny girl…just to name a few.

  1. Brooke

    i LOVE kristy’s hair!!! does she love it? it’s so crazy that she went from extremely long to a short little bob. i think it’s super cute.

    and i had to laugh when the changes that you both have made since you were missionaries had nothing to do with the seven children between you! :) maybe they’re the reasons why the hair is short and the body ain’t so thin– too busy running after them to have any time for yourself!

    you guys are cute! love you lots!


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