true blue

Here we are at the BYU homecoming football game. We went with Mom & Dad K and Uncle Jon too.
It was so much fun, until Gwen woke up and wanted to eat. I hadn’t gotten the chance to pump, and I wasn’t really wanting to nurse her at the game…call me crazy.

Nezzie had SO much fun. We bought her a BYU t-shirt before the game and she was very excited to wear it–”just like the Wihongis and Charles & Joey!”. When we got there she was so excited, she was shaking, not knowing how to contain herself with all the excitement around her. She was very eager to participate in all the cheers and stomping her feet and singing the fight song. Periodically she would yell, “BYU COUGARS!” as loud as she possibly could. Based on this experience I don’t see her going to any other school. She is a very loyal two-year old BYU fan.

  1. Melissa

    You’re raising her right! Go Cougs!


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