the girls

Here are a few recent pictures of the girls.

I’m glad that I took Nezzie’s shirt off her before she started finger painting.

And also our little Gwenie girl with her big flower bow.

Here she is hiding from the “Mommy paparazzi”.

creative juices

creative juicescreative juicesOver the past couple of weeks, we’ve been working on a (self) promotional campaign at work.

My boss came up with the theme of “creative juices”—the idea is that we provide our clients with the creative juices that their brand needs.

I’ve put together a couple of initial designs for the Creative Juices seal that we’re planning on putting water bottles, t-shirts, magazine ads, etc.

I’m currently leaning toward the circular design over the taller one.

I don’t know…

Does it look too much like a Jack Daniels label?

sitting on the food catcher

sitting on the food catcherYesterday, Inez pulled Finlo’s scratching post out from its usual spot (next to Nezzie’s high chair), dragged it into the middle of the room, and sat on it.

When I asked her what she was doing, she tilted her head to one side and replied, “I just sitting on the food catcher.”

autumn leaves

Nezzie got into the big pile of leaves that Grandpa Kewish raked up the other day, right after her bath of course.

two buddies

Dave placed Gwen in Nezzie’s bed the other night. Nezzie loved it…until Gwen started crying.


Nezzie had fun trick-or-treating, although she didn’t quite get how it works. She just kept walking into people’s houses, which was fine when it was people that we knew.
Here she is with Grandma & Grandpa Kewish who had fun answering the door dressed as a witch and a…funny guy, I guess? When he first put the mask on he came and showed us and Nezzie gave a nervous giggle then promptly said, “can you take that off”?

Here’s our little black kitty with Dave’s recreation of Jack Skellington, one of Nezzie’s favorite characters right now.

corn maze

We had a lot of fun with the Bentons at the Corn Maze last week. It was really cold so we opted NOT to get lost in the corn maze this year! These are real pumpkins, by the way!
Nezzie loves to play with “Wuke” and he, “Mezzie”. They are like two little terrors when they are together, but who can deny them their fun!?