nezzie turns three!

Nezzie turned three years old! It has gone by so fast, we can’t believe how grown up our baby girl is. She is so funny and so lovable.

Dave took the day off and we just all hung out. We took her to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point, and she loved it. She had a lot of fun at her little birthday party with Grandma and Grandpa Lesue, Grandma and Grandpa Kewish, and Uncle Jon and Aunt Ashley. Mommy made the ugliest birthday cake in an attempt to make a Barbie cake. It was so shameful that I will NOT be posting a picture of it here on the blog.

All day whenever anyone wished her a “Happy Birthday,” she replied, “Happy Birthday to you!” She also was singing “Happy Birthday to me” all night. For weeks anytime Dave and I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she would say, “a frog.” So we got her a little pink frog. Out of all the presents she received, she was most excited about that little frog. So this looks promising for Christmas because she has asked Santa for “a blue truck.”

Here’s our excitable three year old anticipating blowing out her birthday candle. She is not very seasoned in blowing out candles, and it took her nearly as long to blow it out as it took the two women on last night’s “Survivor” finale to make a fire.

Here she is at the Dinosaur museum digging for fossils.

  1. Heath

    Happy Belated Birthday Nezzie!!!

    She is just a darling little girl! I adore her! Those pictures are priceless! It is amazing how fast they grow up, isn’t it.


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