our blessed little girl

So, we blessed our little Gwen on Sunday and it was such a nice day. I was much more emotional than I expected to be with it being our second baby blessing. Nevertheless, it was beautiful, and Gwen was such a good baby for us. She was even awake during the blessing! She wore the same little gown that Nezzie wore, and she got some little baby pearls from Grandma Kewish. I know I’m biased, but she looked so beautiful!

I am so grateful for this wonderful little spirit in my life and in our family, and I just love her more than I could ever have expected to. I was a little wary of getting pregnant and having a second child for the fear that I wouldn’t have just my Nezzie girl to love and spend time with. But I feel more love for the two than I thought I had. And when Gwen smiles and coos at me, or settles down just for Mommy, it is so rewarding.

  1. Heath

    She is so beautiful Holly! I love the pictures. The bubbles one at the end is especially cute.

  2. bart - the musicman

    So cute and lovely!


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