the bipolar express

Here’s a little video clip of Inez when we went on the Polar Express. She was so excited to see Santa! Dave and I just kept laughing and watching this over and over. I love how—when she gets sad—she puts her head down Charlie Brown Christmas style.

So thanks to Brooke, we rode on the “Polar Express” via the Heber Creeper Railroad. It was fun, cold and long. But we did get a choclate chip cookie that was from Mrs. Claus’ secret recipe, made with the “giggle of an elf”. The kids absolutely loved it. Here they are ringing their bells that Santa gave them.

Here we are, fresh and excited at the beginning of our trip to the “North Pole”. We, at least Brooke and I, probably looked more haggard and worn. The kids, miraculously, still had tons of energy.

  1. Anonymous

    how do you post video like that? i need to learn all the cool mac tricks! and i loved the name– much more appropriate when you take the entire night into account!

  2. Heath

    HAHAHAHA! I love it! Her look was SOOO cute when she was sad and when she got all excited at the prospect of seeing him on the train. The priceless part HAS to be when she gives that kid the “hand” and says, “Don’t touch me!”



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