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Dave and I have recently gotten into watching the tv series “Lost.” My parents have seasons one and two on DVD, and the first six episodes of this season are online, so we should be able to catch up before this season resumes on February 7th. We are currently on season two—one of the early episodes—so don’t spoil anything for us… that is if anyone was planning on commenting, I think Dave and I are the only ones who read this.

  1. Erin

    hiya holly, i am a faithful fan of your blog and i read it often. wanna start the pink bladies up this summer?

  2. courtalonious

    oh let me tell you about the last episode, it was so awesome. the one guy went over there and did that and the other guy saw that!!! haha i’ve never seen the show in my life, was wondering if your curiosity let you finish reading this post.

  3. Holly

    yeah, i read it. i am really trying not to find out about newer episodes, but have taken a little peek here and there. hee hee.

    erin, i’d LOVE to be a “pink blady” again.

  4. Brooke

    i too am a faithful reader of the lesue blog! love it. i tried to do the lost thing, but i was lost trying to understand what was going on. i guess you do need to start from the beginning!

  5. Melissa

    Not so, James and I frequent the site.


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