chocolate chip deliciousness

I’m normally not one to spouse-brag, but I feel it my obligation to state publically that Holly makes the best chocolate chip cookies that have ever been made on the planet earth.

  1. Melissa

    Blog the recipe, I need serious help in that department!

  2. James W./Me of little faith

    I do not doubt your sincerity however I simply cannot accept your assertion by faith alone. That being the case, please overnight a fresh batch straightaway.

  3. heather

    I wonder where she got the recipe….hmmmm….inquiring minds.

  4. Nils and/or Katrina

    I need you to give me some advice, because my CCC’s suck. That picture looks yummy…me lick screen.

  5. courtalonious

    why is she making cookies? how many points are they? :) I’m jealous, the brown sugar and vanilla just aren’t the same in Italy, so the cookies don’t turn out quite right.


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