i made a water bottle

We (Janda Design Company) received our promotional “Creative Juices” water bottles today and I think they look pretty sweet (if I do say so myself). It’s strange to hold something that I designed. Almost all my design work up to this point has been web-based.
Let me know if you want one—I might be able to arrange something. I know a guy.

  1. James

    Dude that is sweet (especially if you put kool-aid in it) I wouldn’t mind one to sport around the jobsite in the hot summer months. By the way, the hatch (on Lost) is in a parallel universe. Bwaahahahahaha

  2. Dave

    Cool—I’m glad you like it. I’ll be sending you one straightaway / forthwith / soon.

    The hatch is full of clowns.

  3. Melissa

    Send us one, for sure! We’ll spread the word for you!

  4. Anonymous

    ooohhh nifty! I’d love a couple, I have some friends in the theatre that would go ga-ga over that. Very cool Dave, very cool!

    Lemme know how much to send you for cost and shipping, m’kay?

    ~Cousin Andria

  5. Andria

    HA! I guess it’d help if I logged on. Oh well, in case you can’t find it, my email is my first and last name @hotmail.com.



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