love the bumbo

Here’s our little Gwenie sitting in her Bumbo seat. She is still getting used to it, and is really good at arching her back when she doesn’t want to be in it. But it’s pretty funny to see a 3 month old sitting.

I love the look on her face right here. She’s got real attitude for an infant.

no love for flying robots

I had my red robot t-shirt on tonight as I was reading Inez a good-night story. She noticed the illustration and asked me what was on my shirt. I told her it was a flying robot.

“Why do you have a flying robot on your shirt?” she asked.

“I don’t know—I guess I like flying robots.” I said.

“Oh. I don’t like flying robots, daddy.” she said.

“You don’t? Why not?” I asked.

“Because,” she said, “I like flying supermans!”

keep on truckin’

Grandma Kewish was going through her old pairs of glasses this morning and she ran across these beauties from the seventies. Nezzie wanted to try them on, and so we decided to take some pictures of her. Luckily, the fake teeth that Nezzie got for Christmas were nearby to complete the magic.

the bumper bonnet

The bumper bonnet. Because you can never be too psychotically over-protective.
Please note: this is not our child. Also note: no children were harmed in the creation of this blog post. Note number three: if you have a bumper bonnet, want a bumper bonnet, or are a psychotically over-protective parent, we apologize.