snow & prunes

Last week, Nezzie got really sick and did not have a bath for an undisclosed number of days (I just didn’t want her to catch a chill). So, when she finally had a one, I let her play in the bath FOREVER. When she got out, her feet and hands were the wrinkliest things I have ever seen. In this picture, she had been out of the water for 20 minutes already, so the wrinkles appear more subdued than they originally were.

Last week, when Inez was so sick, it snowed quite a bit and she wanted badly to go outside and play. When she was on the mend, I bundled her up really well and we went outside. I tried to make a snowman, but the snow wouldn’t pack. Now, there’s a pathetic little mound of snow in our front yard. While I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the snow, Nezzie began eating it (she said tasted like peppermint), and Grandpa Kewish started throwing snowballs at us. It was great fun.


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