happy birthday dave

Today is Dave’s 31st birthday! That’s right, I robbed the cradle by 10 days.
Dave, I am so glad that I am your wifey, I love you babe. Happy Birthday.

catherine tate

Back in June, Holly and I discovered The Catherine Tate Show on BBC America. As far as we can tell, the show isn’t on anymore, but we’ve since discovered a treasure trove of her sketches on YouTube. We love (most of) her comedy, and we wanted to share a couple of our favorite characters/sketches.

Enjoy your gooseberry and cinnamon yogurt.

our gwen

how i love our little gwenie girl.

her smile. her chubby cheeks. her lips. her squeals. her big blue eyes. her good nature. and of course, that she sleeps through the night in her crib. such a good girl.

how i love our little gwenie girl.

happy birthday holly!

Today is Holly’s 31st birthday and I thought it would be fun to tell one of my favorite Holly stories.

I remember when I first met Holly, she and her roomate, Jana, told me a series of lies about what they did/used to do for a living. Among other things, they told me that one or both of them were:

• professional cake chefs
• masseurs
• their high school’s mascot
• professional foosball players

I’m embarassed to admit this, but I totally believed them—at first. I had just met them, and they always had a way of telling me these things very convincingly, so they had me going in the beginning. It wasn’t until Jana told me that Holly was a professional foosballer, that I began to have my doubts…

Do any of you (dear readers) have a favorite “Holly story” that you’d like to share?

i love holly.

Let me just warn you up front. If you are not Holly Lesue, you probably don’t want to read this blog entry.

Now, I realize that what I am about to say is extremely cheesey and that I will probably have my man-status revoked for it, but I just have to say this. Officially, adamantly, ardently—I love my wife.

I don’t mean that I sort of like her, or that she’s ok to have around… I mean that I LOVE her.

She is better than the best thing that you can think of. She is better than chocolate-covered five dollar bills. She is perfect. She is sublime.

And I, David Lesue, cannot help but love her.

Happy Valentine’s Day, babe.

dino museum

Nezzie had so much fun going to the Dinosaur Museum on Wednesday, especially because we met Luke & Chloe there. Here are the girls posing for a picture. It was impossible to get all three kids to sit and take a picture for us…maybe next time.

nice and warm

The other day, Dave was outside shoveling the walk and driveway, so naturally, Nezzie had to go outside too. When he was done, they played in the snow for a while and when they came in, Nezzie showed me a little icicle that she had found. She said that she had named it “popsicle.” She was keeping it inside her glove “to keep him nice and warm.”