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Back in June, Holly and I discovered The Catherine Tate Show on BBC America. As far as we can tell, the show isn’t on anymore, but we’ve since discovered a treasure trove of her sketches on YouTube. We love (most of) her comedy, and we wanted to share a couple of our favorite characters/sketches.

Enjoy your gooseberry and cinnamon yogurt.

  1. Holly

    Dave, I think we are the only ones that think these are funny. You are such a greedy gobble-gannit (I have NO idea how to spell that), but I love you anyway.

  2. Dave

    Yeah, I think you are right. The silence is deafening. After a string of highly successful four, five, and six-comment posts, we have officially laid an egg. I’m not sure who is to blame, but I have a feeling it might be Catherine Tate.

  3. Dave

    Then again, maybe our readers are laughing so hard (at our delightful Catherine Tate sketches) that they have been physically unable to type up and post any comments. For two days.

  4. Heath

    Now I’m gonna have to see what this is….

  5. Brooke

    i have to admit, it was too lazy to watch at first, but my curiousity got the best of me, what with your comments. “battered veg and spicy jam”… that’s pretty funny! i’ll have to check some more of those out. have you guys seen happy slip?

  6. Mom Kewish

    Okay, as I said to you today…I think they probably grow on you. But, knowing you guys, you will easily convert me.
    And, that is probably okay. ;)

  7. james w.

    Hmmm….I don’t know. I just don’t know. I guess I feel like Thomas when he was asked if he liked gooseberry and cinnamon yogurt. Thomas: “I don’t know Mummy, I’ve never tried gooseberry and cinnamon yogurt before.” I hadn’t tried Catherine Tate comedy until just now and…I still don’t know.

  8. Holly

    Well come on James, quick sticks. Do you like Catherine Tate or not?

    I have to admit, it takes a few before you get hooked. And beware, it is British tv, so certain swear words are used in some sketches that are not allowed on American tv. But overall, it is funny.

    And Brooke, we don’t know happy slip. Please enlighten us. And thanks to your blog post I have been watching Extras clips on YouTube because we don’t have HBO. That is funny stuff. Loved the one with Orlando Bloom!

  9. Joe

    Hmm, I still haven’t clicked and I’m considering not doing so given the blatant attempt at what I call “comment padding”

  10. Dave

    Comment padding?

  11. Dave

    Explain yourself! (in another comment)

  12. Brooke

    yes, the orlando bloom one was the best.

    and i think i “comment pad” all the time! i’m always leaving comments on my own blog. i think that’s what us new bloggers have to do! aren’t you always jealous when you’re reading someone elses and they have like 45 comments? how does that happen? i don’t even have that many friends!

  13. Joe

    I must admit, those are pretty funny, even if this makes the FIFTEENTH comment for this post. I can only dream.

  14. Jon

    I like “ya went mad didn’t ya?” I think I heard you guys playing these when I came over before last minute to do my quizzes on Mom’s laptop. Wow life without internet how bizarre

  15. Joe

    My favorite line from the first video is when the kid says “I’ve only just got my head around hummus” because I love the way Brits say it.

  16. Heath

    Okay so I saw those and then I had to go on utube and see more! THAT is funny!

    Yay a new obsession! I love new obsessions!


  17. courtalonious

    I struggle with British humor but I do like their slang. The only one I can really tolerate is “Ab Fab”. But if I happen to come across this show in the future, I will now have to watch it in memory of the Lesue’s

  18. Dave

    20 comments! Can you believe it? 20! Amazing. And hardly any comment padding.

  19. Brooke

    yes, hardly any at all…

  20. Holly

    Wow, even with all the comment padding, I feel so popular. I don’t even want to post anything new in fear that this won’t happen again.

    I do want to say though, that we have been checking out clips of Extras on YouTube lately and that is pretty good stuff. Now Dave & I are always saying to one another, “you havin’ a laugh?” We highly recommend it, with the same warnings that come along with Catherine Tate. That’s British tv for you.

  21. Joe

    Speaking of warnings and British vocabulary, I met a very cute British girl named Jemma one spring at General Conference in Salt Lake while I was at BYU and Kris and VW lived at “Le Chateau Normandie” on 1st South. She was ‘on holiday’ in the States for a few weeks and I convinced her to come down to Provo to visit me. One day we had a long lunch in the Cougar Munch when I realized that she was A) normally a very animated person and B) “Damn” must not be a very bad word in the UK, or at least doesn’t sound very bad when said with an English accent. Her frequent use of the word didn’t bother me very much, which cannot be said for the self-righteous BYU student in the booth behind us with feathered bangs who finally hit her breaking point, stood up in front of our table, berated us loudly for swearing and told us, and I quote, “you are going to H-E-double-hockey-sticks.” Jemma started laughing, but the girl was serious.

  22. courtalonious

    I hate BYU. I guess I should specify, the Students.

  23. Heath

    Joe you should have responded with, “Well, at least I won’t be traveling in a hand-b a s k e t.” Just to see if she could catch on quick enough.

    That story made me giggle.

    I remember those students at BYU. EEEgads.

  24. Dave

    Heather, you’ve thrown down the gauntlet. Getting more than thirty comments (on a post other than this one) is now my everest, my moby dick, my four-minute mile. Just you wait… I’ll show you! I’ll show you all!

    Will it count if all thirty + posts come from me? That still counts, right?

  25. Jon

    Woah woah easy on the BYU students, jk I have to deal with those students everyday. I’m pretty much counting the days until I graduate. That’s a pretty funny story Joe, and this still doesn’t make 30 comments too baaaaaaad :( hahaha

  26. Anonymous

    Well, I would say that those tendencies and reactions do not belong solely to some BYU students–but to people everywhere, anytime, of any type, religion, belief, or cause who believe they are the ‘keepers’ of humanity. It’s also like people on the freeway anywhere that drive exactly the speed limit in the fast lanes to make sure no one speeds. heh heh…and, they end up being the road hazard.
    And, actually, now that I think about it: after coming back to Provo after 40 years or so of experiencing campuses, students, etc., from the four corners of the US and mid (well all over)…I much prefer to be at concerts, in the mall, in the classroom, on the street, etc., with the BYU students anyday.

  27. Mom Kewish

    Woops…I’m REALLY not comment padding…I forgot to put that last comments was from lil’ ol’ me–Love, Mom

  28. Heath

    I stand corrected….Dave you will never get MORE comments than this actual blog entry ends up with.

    Unless of course you pad…pad pad pad pad…



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