happy birthday dave

Today is Dave’s 31st birthday! That’s right, I robbed the cradle by 10 days.
Dave, I am so glad that I am your wifey, I love you babe. Happy Birthday.

  1. Jon

    Is that a star wars shirt? Masters of the Universe? Or some kind of ninja trio? Happy 31st again! Sorry we’re too poor to get you anything :(

  2. Brooke

    love the hair! seriously– it’s like luke’s! happy birthday!!!

  3. Mom Kewish

    Yes…Happy un-birthday today Dave. We were privileged to help you celebrate. Love the young photo of you. Love, Mom K

  4. heath

    Happy Birthday Dave!!! Are you bovvered???


    Okay…seriously I hope you have a great day!

  5. Holly

    His shirt is Return of the Jedi. Too bad we still don’t have it, that would be cool…although I don’t think I’d put it on the girls.

    Heather, glad you found more Catherine Tate. “Are you callin’ my Mum poor?” You should check out the Lauren sketch when she’s in french class. Funny stuff.

  6. Joe

    Speaking of childhood shirts that “disappeared,” I am considering recreating the long-sleeved, yellow, “Garbanzo Bean” shirt because…well…it would just be perfect for crazy Joey to wear.

    Happy b-day Dave–the boys did actually know who they were singing too last night but started freelancing on us.

  7. Carol Kewish

    Hey, that “Garbanzo Bean” shirt just MIGHT be in the costume trunk. If you are serious…we’ll see if we can get to it and give a look. ?? Mom…
    PS…the freelancing was a hit on our end!
    Hey, this is funny, commenters commenting to others on someone’s else’s blog. I’m sure there’s a better way to say that last sentence.

  8. Joe

    Well I was always told that the Garbanzo Bean shirt was forcibly removed from our house by my sisters. If it does show up, I’ll know my sisters were a lot more talk and a lot less action than I thought (um, except Carol).

  9. Mom Kewish

    Well…I must say, Mom and Dad have been known for ‘untrashing’ things that our impeteous kids have thrown away. heh heh So, who knows on this one…but I remember your sisters did HATE that shirt.

  10. Holly

    I don’t even remember that shirt.

  11. Joe

    Yes you DO!–that’s blatant comment padding Holly! What, you think that since you got so many comments that now you can just throw up 10’s like it ain’t no thing?

  12. Heath

    I saw that one! I laughed so hard! And the field trip one…oh and the science class…okay I could go on and on.

    Were you able to find it schedule over the weekend? I see that it is on here at 10:30 on Friday and Sat and then from like 2:30 to 4:30 Sun am! I’m wishing i had a DVR right about now. sigh

  13. kristy wihongi

    wow…you guys need to have a boy next. what a cute picture of dave, quite a handsome boy. and i’m serious…not kidding!


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