happy birthday holly!

Today is Holly’s 31st birthday and I thought it would be fun to tell one of my favorite Holly stories.

I remember when I first met Holly, she and her roomate, Jana, told me a series of lies about what they did/used to do for a living. Among other things, they told me that one or both of them were:

• professional cake chefs
• masseurs
• their high school’s mascot
• professional foosball players

I’m embarassed to admit this, but I totally believed them—at first. I had just met them, and they always had a way of telling me these things very convincingly, so they had me going in the beginning. It wasn’t until Jana told me that Holly was a professional foosballer, that I began to have my doubts…

Do any of you (dear readers) have a favorite “Holly story” that you’d like to share?

  1. Holly

    In my own defense… JANA was the one to make these claims. And I have to admit that it was fun to play along MOST of the time because it really was amazing that people would believe totally ridiculous and outrageous things.

    Then it got embarassing when she would make unbelievable claims for me, such as being a “professional foosball player.” I think she did this with Dave because she knew that I thought he was cute, he had a foosball table at his apartment and I suppose she thought it would be a good way to get us interacting (although I’m sure we would have figured something out ourselves).

    Well, as embarassing as it was at the time, it worked and I got the boy. Good thing he wasn’t looking for a pro foosballer!

  2. Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Holly! I hope you had a fantastic day. I have many fun memories of Holly. My favorite would probably be rollerblading down Provo Canyon getting totally scared just talking about the Blair Witch Project (i get scared just typing it). Fireclubs, kyacking, beuaty lessons, starburst icecream. Holly, you are great!- Erin

  3. Brooke

    hmmmm… off the top of my head, what most comes to mind is the modeling sessions! you are a true beauty, though, so you can TOTALLY pull it off, holly! (it’s fun to have a friend who also indulges their vanity!)

    it’s also fun to have a friend who believes chocolate chip cookies are a staple. i remember stealing so much brown sugar from our roommates’ cupboards!

    holly i just absolutely adore you and think you’re wonderful and feel blessed to call you a “super soul sis!”

    happy, happy birthday!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Jana was the Acorn at a few football games if I remember correctly so that one was true. As for Holly stories there are many but I think that when we were growing up I especially enjoyed being one of her back-up singers to “Boy from New York City” She is a great leading lady. – James

  5. Joe

    So many stories to choose from, but one of the best is Holly as a “Glorious Girl of Xanthar,” complete with ski gloves for shoes and bright blue lips from Robin’s Eggs (the candy–what did you think we did, rob a nest?). “The Killer Easter Bunny” was a low-budget indie film in the mid 90’s that Holly was in as one of the intergalactic vixens. Maybe I’ll post it on YouTube and it will become a cult classic. That’s just one of many memories with my only little sister who I love so much. It’s fun to see her and her pretty little girls all growing up together ;) Love you.

  6. Mom Kewish

    Well, I always remember the dicondra (sp?) lady down the street (remember? no kids could walk or ride their bikes on her little patch of grass for sure!) in Anaheim that told me one day that my little girl (Holly) had run into her house jumped up on the couch and then ran back out again.
    I never really believed her…but then I see Nezzie run in the room, up on your couch, and back down and out again, and think, “hmmm, maybe, just maybe, she is a lot like her mommy was.”

  7. Heath

    I’m a loser but we all already knew that. Happy Birthday lil sis! BELATED! Oh…but I DO have a gift for you if I can find a way to ship it out there…HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  8. courtalonious

    Well I feel like a jerk for never wishing you a happy birthday. I guess it’s cause I didn’t have a story to tell. But one thing I can say, is I will never forget you because I will use the term “all-star couple” for the rest of my life. By the way, did you do anything fun?


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