flap and snap

Yesterday, while feeding my blog addiction, I discovered something beautiful called flap and snap. In the words of the phenomenon’s creator (Jason Santa Maria), the idea is that you “let your face go limp, flap your head back and forth as fast as you can, and snap a photo mid-flap.” Apparently, it’s cathartic.

For most people, the results are hilarious, but Holly’s and Nezzie’s attempts—due, I’m assuming, to their inherent, off-the-charts cuteness—were disappointingly not at all embarrassing. My attempts, on the other hand, were predictably humiliating, so I’ve (of course) decided to post them here, for all the world to snicker at. Enjoy.

I invite all other like-minded, public humiliation-seeking bloggers out there to post your own flap and snaps. Let the healing begin.

why i love/hate lost

The timeline of an average Lost episode:

1. Introduction of a new mystery
2. Introduction of a new mysterious character
3. Flashback that gives insight into the psyche of new mysterious character
4. Death of new mysterious character
5. Introduction of another new mystery (possibly in the form of an animal)
6. Resolution of a mystery that no one cares about (examples: why someone has a tattoo, why someone is overweight, why someone is a jerk, etc.)
7. Introduction of yet another new mystery
8. Cliffhanger ending (whose outcome won’t be addressed at any point in the next episode)
9. Advertisement for next week’s episode promising “The Answers You’ve Been Waiting For”
10. Sharp pangs of dissatisfaction coupled with an intense desire for it to be next Wednesday already


Here are the girls sharing the bath for the first time (the water is orange on purpose). Gwen was loving the water and splashing like a maniac. Nezzie was pretty distracted and I couldn’t even get her to keep looking at the camera as you can see.

We even have a guest appearance by the swan head peeking into the top of the first picture. This bathroom is straight from the 70s, for those of you who haven’t seen it. It’s very gilded to say the least, but that’s another post.


This is what we woke up to this morning. As cuddly and beautiful as newly fallen snow is, we were really starting to enjoy the nice Spring weather. Hopefully the strawberries that Grandpa, Grandma & Nezzie planted last week will survive!

charlie and lola

we LOVE these books and this show. it is so cute, and their british accents make it even more charming. we highly recommend them.

rex lee run

Saturday was the Rex Lee Run and Dave, Jon & my Dad all ran the 5K, and I walked/jogged it while pushing the double jogging stroller (thanks for the loan Julie!). Jon ran it in 25 minutes flat, Dave in 26:34, and Dad in 30:13. Dad even came in second place in his age group––pretty good for an old guy, but then we wouldn’t expect any less from a marathon runner! I did it in 45:16 and pushed myself too hard. I became violently ill for the rest of the day. I had the world’s worst headache, was puking and was severly dehydrated as well. In my delirium I heard the words heat stroke and heat exhaustion being used. Today my shoulder is sore and I can only conclude that while it was a really good workout, in the future I will not push a double jogger in a race unless I have been training with one.

Now Dave is on this running high and is looking for more races to run. I think he should try the half marathon in August that goes up Provo Canyon because that just seems cool, but he thinks he should try a 10K before he makes the jump from 5K to half marathon. I am very proud of him though (gotta give the spouse a shout out here) because he’s only been running since January, in the gym on the treadmill. I think that he made pretty good time for a new runner, especially on those hills of BYU that were part of the race. Killer.

audio scriptures

I don’t know how new this is (it’s new to me) or if they’ve already announced this in church or conference (sometimes I sleep in church), but I just discovered the church’s Church Publications in Compressed Audio Format page.

If you haven’t already checked it out, I recommed you take a peek. They’ve posted audio files (mp3) of all of the scriptures, the last three years of the Ensign, the last four years of conference, all of the Teachings of the Presidents of the Church manuals, Jesus The Christ, and even some music. It’s all free—you can stream it (listen to it right from the web page) or download and save the files so you can listen to them whenever on your iPod (or Zune).

un disastre

well, it’s taken me three months to post this picture.  i am finally ready to be publically humiliated and ridiculed (be kind).  however, one may note that i am posting it on my blog and not the family blog that has much more traffic.

my little girl was turning three.  i didn’t want to do an expensive theme party for her.  in fact the theme turned out to be just pink.  pink ballons, pink plates, pink cups, pink napkins, pink tablecloth, pink, pink, pink (it looked like the room had been hosed down with pepto-bismol).  well, what would go better with a pink party than a pink barbie birthday cake?  we had seen them through the glass at the Target bakery and i honestly thought it wouldn’t be that hard.  i could not have been more wrong.

luckily this was a really small family party.  you see, the people who saw this attrocity in real life were all close family…hubby, birthday girl, three month old baby girl, both sets of grandparents and my little bro & his wifey.  these are the same people who tell you that you look good in a picture when you look terrible and fat.  they had plastic-y smiles on their faces.  it was a DISASTER.

here are a few of my theories as to why the cake failed:

i had NO idea what i was doing.
i tried to make it just hours before the party.
i ignored the instructions.
i thought i could wing it.
i didn’t cook it long enough, thus resulting in a semi-raw center.
i frosted it while it was hot which made the frosting melt and run.
i had been watching too many cooking shows and not doing enough of the actual cooking that helps one become good at cooking=my total lack of grasp on reality.

the next day we ate the outside of it.  my mom, saint of saints, complimented me at least twice that the outside was actually edible and really good.

but to this day, inez remembers that she had a pink party and a barbie cake (even though dave ran to the store right before the party to buy a replacement cake from the local supermarket bakery, which was entirely edible). i just hope she retains the three-year-old version of the party, where everything was just perfect and pink and she had her barbie cake.

kewish blog posts, together at last

Kewish Blog Mash Up

I put together a test page tonight that pulls in and posts chronologically all of the latest blog entries from all of the Kewish family blogs (using those handy RSS/XML feeds that are on all of our blogs thanks to Blogger, WordPress, and .mac). It’s very bares-bones at this point, and I’ll probably move it to a different location at some point, but if anyone is interested, you can check it out here: Kewish Blog Mash Up.

that crazy kid of ours

It’s not uncommon to find Inez doing random things like putting little decorative easter eggs on her toe. I don’t know if this is normal since she is our first three-year-old, but she sure is good at it.