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I don’t know how new this is (it’s new to me) or if they’ve already announced this in church or conference (sometimes I sleep in church), but I just discovered the church’s Church Publications in Compressed Audio Format page.

If you haven’t already checked it out, I recommed you take a peek. They’ve posted audio files (mp3) of all of the scriptures, the last three years of the Ensign, the last four years of conference, all of the Teachings of the Presidents of the Church manuals, Jesus The Christ, and even some music. It’s all free—you can stream it (listen to it right from the web page) or download and save the files so you can listen to them whenever on your iPod (or Zune).

  1. Holly

    dave, i can’t believe that you would even mention a zune on our blog. blasphemy.

  2. Dave

    As with all of my Zune references, I meant it as a joke.

    No offense to any of you out there that actually bought one. Well, a little offense.

  3. Holly

    phew! i thought you were taking into account the possiblity that any of our readers might actually have a zune. we like to believe that no one we know would ever buy one of those abominations.

  4. James

    Actually I think I read somewhere that they wouldn’t work on a Zune or maybe they would but only the first ten seconds and then it would self delete.

  5. Jon

    Hey! I have a zune because I like to squirt with all of my neighbors and friends jk iPod of course is the best invention ever, better than the wheel, electricity, and anti-biotics combined.

  6. Holly

    i agree jon. the iPod is the greatest invention EVER.

    also, i’m glad you don’t “squirt.” just the terminology alone proves how lame the zune is. it just sounds SO gross!


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