This is what we woke up to this morning. As cuddly and beautiful as newly fallen snow is, we were really starting to enjoy the nice Spring weather. Hopefully the strawberries that Grandpa, Grandma & Nezzie planted last week will survive!

  1. Melissa

    Oh man, that is no light snowfall!

  2. Dave

    Because I never watch / listen to any weather reports, and because the past few weeks have been so nice, this totally took me by surprise. I seriously did a double-take as I walked past the kitchen window this morning.

  3. c jane

    Holly, I am with you. I tried to go visiting teaching (my annual visit) this morning and had to scrape snow off my car. I wasn’t happy.

    Two days ago I was out in the sun getting toasty.

    Ahh Spring.

  4. heath

    So do I NOT tell you that today was in the mid 80’s and absolutely beautiful? Light fluffy clouds and all that springy stuff? Yeah I was outside much of the day taking pictures.

    Okay, I won’t tell you then.

  5. Joe

    I hear you Heather–78 degrees here today. Our corn and sunflowers are growing nice and tall and the next ten days will be between 72 and 81, with the typical South Texas spring thunderstorms. I love them.

  6. Carol & Gene

    Hmm, We were at Disneyland in a very nice 78. It did feel hotter in the park and we all got drenched on Grizzly River, but the picture sure looks pretty Dave:)


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