flap and snap

Yesterday, while feeding my blog addiction, I discovered something beautiful called flap and snap. In the words of the phenomenon’s creator (Jason Santa Maria), the idea is that you “let your face go limp, flap your head back and forth as fast as you can, and snap a photo mid-flap.” Apparently, it’s cathartic.

For most people, the results are hilarious, but Holly’s and Nezzie’s attempts—due, I’m assuming, to their inherent, off-the-charts cuteness—were disappointingly not at all embarrassing. My attempts, on the other hand, were predictably humiliating, so I’ve (of course) decided to post them here, for all the world to snicker at. Enjoy.

I invite all other like-minded, public humiliation-seeking bloggers out there to post your own flap and snaps. Let the healing begin.

  1. kristy wihongi

    oh my goodness! yeah, nice try holly and nezzie, you can’t smile during the flap phase or it just looks like you are on a roller coaster or something. dave, on the other hand, sorry but these photos make you look dumb as a doornail. why is that? don’t feel bad, joe looks just as dumb. i’ve prepped the kids to do this tomorrow, so i’m sure in true kid style they won’t let me forget and we can have some for you to laugh at.

  2. Holly

    nezzie is smiling cause it’s hard to explain this to a small child. i am smiling just because i couldn’t stop laughing. and for the record, these days i look more horrified when i am on roller coasters.
    maybe if we are lucky we can get a group shot during the kewish reunion this july. something like this, perhaps…

  3. Brooke

    even though i’ve been trying hard not to spend so much time blogging, this little check before i head off to bed was SOOOOO worth it!

    dave! it’s hilarious! i think it’s because you’re crossing your eyes or something! and how’d you move your nose like that?!?!??

    but, ’tis true: holly and nezzie just look cute.

  4. Brooke

    sorry, i have to post again. first because i just reread this and i love how much dave is in love with his girls! and secondly, because holly, don’t you just love navy blue zip up sweatshirts? they are like on par with the perfect pair of comfy jeans.

    okay, that’s all.

  5. Melissa

    Okay Dave, sorry, but I’m going to have to agree with you, Holly and Nezzie are adorable, and you are well, really funny!

  6. Holly

    brooke, i do love my blue hoodie. almost as much as adam sandler loves his “red hooded sweatshirt.” this one has holes in it because i’ve worn it so much. i should get a new one cause it’s a little embarrassing to wear in public, but it’s just so comfy that i can’t help it.

  7. Nils and/or Katrina

    Ditto on Brooke’s first comment. Those are hilarious. -Nils


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