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Kewish Blog Mash Up

I put together a test page tonight that pulls in and posts chronologically all of the latest blog entries from all of the Kewish family blogs (using those handy RSS/XML feeds that are on all of our blogs thanks to Blogger, WordPress, and .mac). It’s very bares-bones at this point, and I’ll probably move it to a different location at some point, but if anyone is interested, you can check it out here: Kewish Blog Mash Up.

  1. Carol & Gene

    I love this-just one place to go to see if there are updates….Thanks for going to the work to do this:)

  2. Heather

    OH!!! Is this something we could put on the main kewish page? Let me know. I’m trying to work on something for that so we can use as a portal of sort. I’d LOVE to collaborate with you Dave!

  3. Dave

    Heather—that’s a great idea! It would totally make sense for the home page to pull in all of the different family’s posts. It would be really easy to implement too.

    Would this be ok with everyone else?

  4. Mom Kewish

    That would be GREAT!

  5. Holly

    i am violently opposed to it.

  6. Holly

    (i’m just kidding)

  7. Carol & Gene


  8. Heather

    okay! Cool! Well, I need to get things rolling then. At the very least I need to get the template set up. LOL


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