front page news

I just noticed that an online personality quiz that I designed (at work) recently made the front page of Well, actually, a very tiny promo for the quiz made the front page. Not exactly a major life milestone, but still kind of cool.

happy st. paddy’s day

Dave and I are arguing as to whether it should be “paddy” or “patty”, and since I’m posting, I’m leaving it the way I think it is. After all it’s not St. Patricia’s Day, right?

Anyway, Mom made the traditional corned beef and cabbage, which tasted much better than I remember from back when I was a picky teenage girl. We also had green drinks, cottage cheese, and tapioca (Erin, I’m thinking of you because “tap,tap,tap, tapioca” from Thoroughly Modern Millie has been in my head all night!). It was yum.

One movie I love from my youthful days is Darby O’Gill and the Little People. It’s a little crazy, but I still love it. And that Sean Connery is easy on the eyes, ladies. Best part about that is that Dave does a stellar impression of Sean Connery. Lucky me. I didn’t even need to meet a leprechaun to wish for that.

the many faces of gwen

This a flash slide show I put together (using Holly’s lovely photos) of our little Gwen. If you wait a few seconds, you’ll see the next photo load.

Gwen is so cute!

picky, picky

How do six month old babies know what tastes good and what tastes gross?

She enjoys pears. She isn’t fond of bananas. She likes squash. She despises peas.

She LOVES sweet potates.

P.S. Check out those norwegian blues. Let’s hope they don’t change.

potty training…the bane of my exsistence

or is it? We’ve finally had a break through!! And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is time it will stick.

Okay, before I was able to post this we just had our THIRD accident of the day. They were all very minor and easy to clean up, but still. I expected a bumpy road, but three? In one day? Ugh!

Here is Little Miss Snicklefritz (as Grandpa K. affectionately calls her) bravely holding some worms that she found while planting strawberries with Grandma & Grandpa Kewish. Actually, I’m pretty sure that they found them and put them in her hands, to which she squealed like a girl, and rightly so.

little buttons and a rhino

Inez just came up to me shaking a small container. I asked her what was in it and she replied, “Just some little buttons and a rhino.” For some reason, I thought she was pretending, but when I opened up the container, I discovered—sure enough—little buttons and a rhino.

We spent a few minutes spelling our names in buttons, making “button cakes”—which are very similar to birthdays cakes, I’m told—and then singing Happy Birthday to each other (and to the rhino).

Saturday afternoons are so fun when you are a three-year old, or a three-year old’s daddy.

girl power and stuff

I’m not sure how and where it started but Inez has started to shout “girl power” while raising a fist in the air. I’m fine with it as long as it doesn’t turn into extreme feminism, nazism, or the black panthers.

Having a snuggle with Dave.

Wearing self-applied lipgloss, and waif hair.

my happy baby

i know that i am a gushing mommy that is quite biased, but i really love these pics of gwenie. and she is just such a good baby, and I love it when they get to this stage where they grab their feet, and i just love those lips and those cheeks, and i cannot stop giving her enough kisses and nibbles!! luscious, isn’t she?

she loves to jump

Inez Marie Lesue. Serious jump-on-the-bed jumper. She makes me so nervous, but there is no way to stop this one unless we get rid of the beds and start sleeping on the floor. Her new thing now is to jump, jump, jump, land and then ask, “Was that cool Mom?”

valentina tereshkova

MyHeritage Face Recognition: A wonderful blend of fun and public humiliation.