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Saturday was the Rex Lee Run and Dave, Jon & my Dad all ran the 5K, and I walked/jogged it while pushing the double jogging stroller (thanks for the loan Julie!). Jon ran it in 25 minutes flat, Dave in 26:34, and Dad in 30:13. Dad even came in second place in his age group––pretty good for an old guy, but then we wouldn’t expect any less from a marathon runner! I did it in 45:16 and pushed myself too hard. I became violently ill for the rest of the day. I had the world’s worst headache, was puking and was severly dehydrated as well. In my delirium I heard the words heat stroke and heat exhaustion being used. Today my shoulder is sore and I can only conclude that while it was a really good workout, in the future I will not push a double jogger in a race unless I have been training with one.

Now Dave is on this running high and is looking for more races to run. I think he should try the half marathon in August that goes up Provo Canyon because that just seems cool, but he thinks he should try a 10K before he makes the jump from 5K to half marathon. I am very proud of him though (gotta give the spouse a shout out here) because he’s only been running since January, in the gym on the treadmill. I think that he made pretty good time for a new runner, especially on those hills of BYU that were part of the race. Killer.

  1. Dave

    Great post, babe. It was great fun and I’m so glad that you have recovered…

    By the way, I’d like to thank whoever choose pink and brown as this year’s official Rex Lee Run colors. And by “thank,” I mean, “publically ridicule.”

    Did we run out of colors? Is it not ok to recycle color schemes from the Rex Lee Runs of yore? What will we be wearing next year, hunter cap orange and teal?

    We need to nip this in the bud before the Rex Lee Run becomes the Oregon Football Uniforms of running events. Seriously.

  2. courtneyb

    way to go!!!! you HAVE to do the springville 5k in june. It is always the first saturday, $8 and raffle at the end with awesome prizes. Oh and I think it is the best course I have ran. look on I’m jealous, all I can find aorund here is marathons and half marathons. there is one in florence on the 15th of April, I thought about doing it for a day and then came back down to reality.
    Dave, I’m sure Holly was diggin the rex lee colors, those always seemed to be the colors of her crafty cards.

  3. Holly

    courtney, we’ll totally do the springville race. thanks for the tip. you should totally train for next year’s half marathon, or marathon. how cool would that be to have run in florence of all places!?
    dave knows a really good site that has good training schedules for whatever kind of race you want to run. what is it again dave?
    and i have to say, i was a fan of the t-shirt colors. dave at least you weren’t a volunteer. those people had full on pink shirts with brown text. it could have been worse!

  4. Dave


    The site that Holly is talking about is It’s got great information / training programs, etc. You should check it out. :)

    We are totally going to run the Springville 5K—thanks for letting us know about it. Sounds like fun.

  5. Brooke

    i’m sorry, dave, but if you can run a 5k that fast, you don’t even need to train for a 10k. i’m sure you could just go out on saturday morning and bust it out like nothing. (so unfair that boys are like that!) i mean, maybe not that fast, but still.

    and i’m with holly: go for the half. there used to be a 10 miler down provo canyon, too. it’s a pretty, easy, shady, slightly downhill run. very nice. but then again, that was years ago for me in my previous life, so who knows if they even still have it.

  6. Holly

    brooke, i know…TOTALLY unfair that boys are like that. jon ran it in 25 minutes flat and he hasn’t been running at all! he’s just a natural though because he came snowboarding with erin and i once and was a bit rusty at the beginning. but by the end of the day was speeding past us and landing 360s.

  7. James

    Good stuff, nice going everyone.

    Dave, if you’re looking for some extra adventure, you should totally sign up for the Mud Run (10k) at Camp Pendleton in San Diego –

    It sells out really fast but they do it a couple of times a year. Most people participate as teams of 5 and it’s an absolute blast…we ran it in October of 2005. We’ll show you pictures when you come down. I highly recommend it!

  8. Dave


    That looks awesome! I totally want to do it!

    What’s the difference between the “World Famous Mud Run” and the “Armed Services YMCA Mud Run?” If they are the same (it looks like they are), we should all try to do the Armed Services YMCA Mud Run in October (Oct. 20).

    It looks like we need a team of five in order to do it… Who’s up for it?




  9. Dave

    Whoops—it looks like you can race individually too. I really should learn to read.

    It would be fun to run it in a five-person team though…

  10. James

    I think the only difference between the two races is that the “World Famous Mud Run” gets the better name. We should definitely get a team together…much more fun. I’m sure my bro-in-law would be in – with him, we’re more than half-way there…

  11. Holly

    okay, i just checked out that site about the mud run. i’m guessing they don’t allow the jogging stroller in that one. :)

  12. courtneyb

    I think if you can get the stroller under the obstacles and through the mud, it’s fine. I have quite a few friends that have done it and loved it. hard but in the end they liked it. If I could, I would jon your team, plus any excuse to go down to southern cali

  13. Holly

    Courtney, i would totally do it if you did. maybe after you guys return from italy.

    Dave & James, i bet you could get Gene(our bro-in-law) to participate. i think he runs everyday and he lives close by in oceanside. i think he would be up for something like this, he’s a kid trapped in an adult’s body(and i mean that in the best way possible).

  14. Dave

    Gene—are you reading this? Are you in?

  15. Holly

    And we might be able to convince Joe to be your fifth and fly out for it. After all he did go through boot camp.

  16. Joe

    I’d be all over that–it looks exactly like the killer obstacle course the Marines hazed us through at Quantico (disclaimer, I am not a Marine).

  17. Heath

    Holly, I’ve been meaning to tell you since I read this entry that you look SOOOOO good! Really! wowza! ;)

  18. kristy wihongi

    tainui says…is that dave? (confused by the short hair). and then he said was he in the dad with baby race? he also said, wow grandpa is getting higher (i thought he meant that his time is getting slower as he gets older…but no, he meant that last summer when we were around the same time as some other race, he got third place i think…so tainui thinks he is really improving.) :)

  19. Carol & Gene

    Gene says he’s up for it. I had some girlfriends trying to talk me into it too…But I think it is $50 a person to do it, so I don’t think we’ll both do it. By the way, what is a 30 foot mud pit and how the heck do you get out of it? Oh, I got it, 30 feet long not tall:)

  20. Carol & Gene

    Hey, Isn’t there a 5 and 10k there in Provo for 4th of July? I think we should do that (for those who want to) for our family reunion or whoever is left after the family reunion. Is anyone in on this? It looks like if you register before May 15th it is cheeper.

  21. Holly

    yeah, dave is training for that, and i know that dad, jon, joe & liz are all planning on running it. and i agree, it would be really fun for whoever wants to participate!


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