that crazy kid of ours

It’s not uncommon to find Inez doing random things like putting little decorative easter eggs on her toe. I don’t know if this is normal since she is our first three-year-old, but she sure is good at it.

  1. Tracy

    Having had 4 three year olds myself – not only is it normal, but it’s wonderful! Hi Holly!! Beth showed me your blog and it has been a joy browsing through – consider me a new faithful viewer! What a beautiful family you have!
    Tracy (Meunier) Schultz

  2. Holly

    Tracy!!! I’m so glad to hear from you! You should start a blog. I would love to keep up on the happenings with your family.

    P.S. Remember the white smoke coming out of your car as we drove over Wagner Hill on our way home from school? (I am totally laughing as I type this, by the way.) You & Beth in the front seat and I was ducking down in the back.
    And just the other day I was telling Dave about the time when we (you, Beth, me, & Laura) got a flat tire on the freeway as we were driving to the beach to meet boys, and when we discovered that it was a flat we all started screaming hysterically.
    Ah, the memories.

  3. Tracy

    This just made my day – that was so much fun to read, and remember! I LOVE your blog Holly!!


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