un disastre

well, it’s taken me three months to post this picture.  i am finally ready to be publically humiliated and ridiculed (be kind).  however, one may note that i am posting it on my blog and not the family blog that has much more traffic.

my little girl was turning three.  i didn’t want to do an expensive theme party for her.  in fact the theme turned out to be just pink.  pink ballons, pink plates, pink cups, pink napkins, pink tablecloth, pink, pink, pink (it looked like the room had been hosed down with pepto-bismol).  well, what would go better with a pink party than a pink barbie birthday cake?  we had seen them through the glass at the Target bakery and i honestly thought it wouldn’t be that hard.  i could not have been more wrong.

luckily this was a really small family party.  you see, the people who saw this attrocity in real life were all close family…hubby, birthday girl, three month old baby girl, both sets of grandparents and my little bro & his wifey.  these are the same people who tell you that you look good in a picture when you look terrible and fat.  they had plastic-y smiles on their faces.  it was a DISASTER.

here are a few of my theories as to why the cake failed:

i had NO idea what i was doing.
i tried to make it just hours before the party.
i ignored the instructions.
i thought i could wing it.
i didn’t cook it long enough, thus resulting in a semi-raw center.
i frosted it while it was hot which made the frosting melt and run.
i had been watching too many cooking shows and not doing enough of the actual cooking that helps one become good at cooking=my total lack of grasp on reality.

the next day we ate the outside of it.  my mom, saint of saints, complimented me at least twice that the outside was actually edible and really good.

but to this day, inez remembers that she had a pink party and a barbie cake (even though dave ran to the store right before the party to buy a replacement cake from the local supermarket bakery, which was entirely edible). i just hope she retains the three-year-old version of the party, where everything was just perfect and pink and she had her barbie cake.

  1. Maggie Siow

    Don worry . Good Try. Looks does not matter. At least
    It’s edible. Last but not least Pretty Barbie is the
    Standing there looking well & it is yr Masterpiece.

  2. Rachel

    I love it!! :) I am browsing the web to check how to make a Barbie cake and yours made me smile. I think that I might pull it off for my niece’s birthday but it might well end up like yours as I have never made one before :) Well, we will see on the day…


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