why i love/hate lost

The timeline of an average Lost episode:

1. Introduction of a new mystery
2. Introduction of a new mysterious character
3. Flashback that gives insight into the psyche of new mysterious character
4. Death of new mysterious character
5. Introduction of another new mystery (possibly in the form of an animal)
6. Resolution of a mystery that no one cares about (examples: why someone has a tattoo, why someone is overweight, why someone is a jerk, etc.)
7. Introduction of yet another new mystery
8. Cliffhanger ending (whose outcome won’t be addressed at any point in the next episode)
9. Advertisement for next week’s episode promising “The Answers You’ve Been Waiting For”
10. Sharp pangs of dissatisfaction coupled with an intense desire for it to be next Wednesday already

  1. Heath

    Dave you didn’t realize??? THAT is why they call it LOST. Not because they are lost from some airplane wreak. Because they like to keep their watchers hooked and LOST! ROFL

  2. david

    great breakdown of LOST. I do have to say the show has taught me some great patience. I was a lot more into it when I would watch them on the DVDs (we got into the show late). Now I have to block it from my mind through the week or I will go mad. In addition to patience LOST has also given me a strange new addiction to mangoes. They are alwasy eating them and now I look for them every time we go to Costco…

  3. Jon

    Yes definately a love/hate relationship. Wan’t that last episode ending CrA-AzY! Dude! (as Hurley would say) So did that couple get DUI’s also I’m wondering since they were on and off so quick? Also, Razzle-Dazzle was gay. I as well can’t stand the long commercial breaks, but also can’t wait that long for them to come out on dvd without watching them. Oh well

  4. Ashley

    holly, i totally agree. I get fraustrated with the show…yet every wed. i find myself glued to the tv once again.

  5. Heath

    pssst…they have pretty good dried mangos I found at Price Chopper here – oh and super walmart too. I know, walmart but hey I got hooked in China with the dried Mango….


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