california baby

My sister Carol turned me onto California Baby products a few years ago by way of some sunscreen that I used to protect my then chubby baby Nezzie’s tender white skin. Back then I had to order it online which was fine, but I really hate to pay for shipping if I can avoid it. So imagine my excitement as I browsed the baby aisle in Target and spotted California Baby products right in front of my very eyes! I got the calming shampoo & conditioner, and now I love to wash my squirmy little three year old’s hair. It smells so good and her hair is super easy to comb through because of it. I simply Iove it, highly recommend it and am in no way affiliated with this company.

  1. courtneyb

    love the seductive look on the bottle

  2. Carol & Gene

    The shampoo is also an excellent all over wash. I actually still use it for a facewash. Glad to know I can find it at Target now instead of ordering it online!

  3. Holly

    courtney, all california girls are seductive. except those from bakersfield (just kidding, i’m only saying that to tease dave because he thinks i’m a california snob).

    but yeah, i’m not too comfortable with the shirtless little girl on the bottle. it didn’t bother me until you mentioned it. thanks. :)

  4. Beth

    Dangit! I just got back from Target! I need hair smoother-outer for Eden! Thank you, I’m so excited! (doesn’t take much)

  5. Joe

    Cool–we’re on it. I just wish it were called “California, Baby”


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