easter eggs part one

So, we dyed a few eggs the other night. I think this must have been some sort of bribe I gave Nezzie at some point, probably having to do with the potty.

Here are some of our results using brown eggs. I love the different hues we get from using brown eggs. We’ll probably have a mixture of white and brown when we make the big batch with everyone this weekend. Nezzie had fun, and we only had a few cracked eggs in the end.

  1. heath

    I love the brown ones too! I miss those colors. I could buy them but that just goes against nature for me. I went and got some easter stuff last Friday and was in a quandry from all the different kinds of dye kits you can buy now. I went with the tried and true but still….have you SEEN them all out there? Wow!

  2. Brooke

    it’s already time to dye easter eggs? doesn’t easter seem early???

  3. courtneyb

    glad to know you used brown, that is all I can find here and I jsut figured we wouldn’t be coloring eggs this year. but know I know it still works :)

  4. courtneyb

    dang it! I hate when I don’t proof read my comments before posting them!

  5. Holly

    courtney, you are funny.
    you have to dye the brown eggs, and if you don’t have the little dye tablets, i think you can use food coloring and vinegar or something (i think i read that in martha one year). regardless, you can probably find something online. but if your mom brought stuff over for you, then just ignore everything i just suggessted, besides dyeing the brown eggs.

  6. Beth

    I remember being afraid to make brownies at your house using brown eggs one time. Call me spoiled, but it just didn’t seem right. (I lived a sheltered life.)

  7. Holly

    Beth, my parents had a good giggle at your being afraid of the brown eggs. I think I remember that, too!


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