happy anniversary to me & the mtc

Well today marks ten years since the day I entered the MTC. I know, I’m old. I was just a young and naive little 21 year old, with NO idea what the next 18 months had in store.

I am SO grateful for my mission and for the lessons it taught me, the people that I met, the lifelong friends that I made, the language I learned, the country I lived in and love, and everything else in between—the good and the bad. As I was perusing my mission pictures my mind was completely flooded with emotions and memories. I laughed at the crazy companions, members, strangers, situations. I was saddened by what I couldn’t remember, people mostly. And I was happy from those who taught me, loved me, and strengthened me. It was such an amazing time in my life, and I can only hope for the same experiences for my own daughters.

  1. kristy wihongi

    great entry. makes me reflect as well…..yes, i am a little biased toward sister missionaries! it was a very cool, sad, hard, happy, incredible, growing time of life. i can’t imagine myself without it either. i too look forward now to sending out missionaries. better start saving those pennies…or dollars rather for 5 (maybe 4) missionaries.

  2. Dave

    Ten years?! That blows my mind. It’s been over twelve for me.

    I feel very old right now.

  3. Jenny

    holly…I love the way you describe mission life – so true! I know I’m lame, but I cry every time I pass the MTC on Wednesday and see a sister rolling her suitcases in, wearing her fanciest outfit and I just think…”I would LOVE to do that again” and then almost immediately after that I think “I’m sure glad that’s not me”.

  4. the mccoy's

    holly. i didn’t know you served a mission. i wish i could of had the experience of one. i just have to wait until i can go with brandon.

    can you tell liz and erin hi for me! k-thanks. cori

  5. Holly

    cori – you mean liz (wheeler) kewish? and erin…i am drawing a blank on that one.

    and by the way, i read the comment you left back to me on your ben and jerry’s post, but it was so long after the fact. anyway, my parents love kurt and donna right back! and we(my husband and first daughter) were actually in town, a few years ago, before my parents moved to utah and had dinner with kurt’s family at my parent’s house. and i just have to say that those neices of yours are SO darling!! also, kurt is doing my parents such a huge favor by managing their property in m.h., they really appreciate him!

  6. Nils and/or Katrina

    I don’t think 10 years is that long ago…uh-oh, that means I’m old, doesn’t it? I love your Vanna pose!

  7. courtneyb

    hey, we’re having the sisters over for dinner tonight! I still can’t believe you were a missionary, you seem way to cool and laid back to be home at 9:30 on the dot. but if I was guaranteed a companion like you, I would have definently served a mission.

  8. Brooke

    something is happening weird. (huh???) i keep posting comments and then i go back to check and they’re gone. are you editing me out of your life?

    anyhoo, i commented second thank you very much (yes i’m feeling all competitive and wanting you to know i DO comment) and can’t remember what i said except for that i just love you holly! and i think you are so great!

  9. Tracy

    I SO loved this post Holly. I had forgotten you served a mission. It really was neat to read.

  10. carol

    We are so proud of you! I know this was a great experience for you, but it was also challenging and you endured it well. Thanks for your great example:)

  11. Holly

    brooke, the same thing happened to me yesterday, i thought someone took my comment off of their blog!
    the only thing i can think of is that i didn’t click publish comment, and i closed the window. i don’t know, it’s weird. i swear i would never delete your comments brooke, unless you dropped the f-bomb or something!

  12. abbyandcompany

    Oh no. I deleted my own comment. I am having issues. Holly you blog a ton! I am catching up on your posts. I had to comment on this one, since you were 3 weeks ahead of me checking into the MTC and I vaguely remember seeing you a couple of times. Good thing I really met you after the mish. I think I strangely remember you saying that you hated the Pearberry scent from Bath and Bodyworks because it reminded you of your mission. Or that you loved it because it reminded you of your mission. One of those. Great post.

  13. Holly

    Amy – can you believe it’s been so long? It’s so weird. I remember you too, but I think that we both sort of remember because Robin was either your comp, or just in your district.

    Oh and it was plumeria from B&BW that I love because it reminds me of the MTC. It was the Victoria’s Secret Vanilla that I hate because it reminds me of the cold and very hard first two months out in the mission field! Funny how scent brings back very strong memories!


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