happy birthday carol!

Today, April 15th, is my sister Carol’s birthday. Carol is a beautiful, caring, positive person who is a great mother, home schooler, health fanatic, maybe sometimes a “surf widow”, and definitely a sassoo ( i have no idea how to spell that). She looks hot (no pun intended) in red sweater pants too. I’m so glad she’s my sistah.

  1. Mom Kewish

    Thanks for doing this, Holly…funny, I was thinking…I should post Carol today (on Sunday)…. However, I am still a bit ‘post-challenged.’

    I agree with all the good you said and more with this daughter, a/k/a sister of yours. Our family is so richly blessed with her life and service and example. And, I always find a sense of peace when I am around Carol. Gene, can you believe that you have shared 1/2 of her life with us as of your anniversary on the 19th. (Actually, a tad more, counting dating.)

    How can a mother be SO blessed with four beautiful daughters and three beautiful daughter-in-laws, which I prefer to call daughters as well. My ‘cup runneth over’…and thanks, Carol, for being No. 1 to lead the pack. As I say…beautiful inside AND outside.

  2. Carol & Gene

    Thanks for all the nice comments! They made my day:) I also feel blessed to have such a wonderful family and great sisters and Mom I consider good friends! I can’t wait to see all of you soon. Love you all!

  3. Liz

    Happy Birthday Carol. That is a beautiful picture of you. You are such an example to me. I am glad that you are my sister in law.

  4. kristy wihongi

    hope that your day was great carol. you are the best sister ever! you are an incredible example and force in my life. now if i can ever get all my kids around you more so they can also benefit from you and your spirit! be happy….
    love kris

  5. Joe

    I must say, ever since Carol marched all the way down to Lizbeth Street(probably about 1/4 mile) to pound some bullies who had taken my bike, I’ve had all the respect in the world for her. Even when I was a fragile pre-teen and she insisted on styling my hair for church with a CURLING IRON because it was the latest thing, I still admired her. When I heard about her berating a kid in front of a crowd at the Aquarium when he tried to grab a sting ray, I thought “that’s my sister!” What a great example and help to all of us–hope you had a great birthday Carol!

  6. Jon

    Happy Birthday Cawwol as I used to say. Thank you for being such a great example and role model. Thank you also for marrying one of the coolest bro-in-laws a little brother could ask for which I consider a brother after all these years. Also for two cute little neices that have brought joy to my life. I hope that your birthay was great and that you had a relaxing day. Of course you’re beautiful, you’re the only other one with black hair! ;)

  7. Heath

    Happy Belated Lorac!!!! I’m the loser sister who forgets everyone’s birthdays…etc.

    well, at least I’m consistent, right? It isn’t like I only forget certain people’s birthdays!


  8. Carol & Gene

    You guys are all so nice you brought tears to my eyes:) I am glad to have you all in my life YTB!!!


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