more pics by brooke

  1. Jon

    Cute pics of da girlz that’s right I spelled that with a z. I can see Gwen’s cookies!

  2. Beth

    Talk about getting your kids into modeling HOlly – ca’mon!!!!

  3. Perfectly Blended

    yes, indeed…your friend is very talented with the camera. These pictures are beautiful!!!

  4. david

    your girls are adorable! you really should have them model – check out that store I was telling you about and then go to the “gallery” at the bottom is a little note that says they are looking for models to show off their summer stuff. I think they’d be perfect!

  5. Joe

    Love the second to last pic (Inez). She looks so Norwegian.

  6. Tracy

    Just beautiful!! Inez looks so much like you – such pretty, pretty girls you have there!

  7. Nils and/or Katrina

    So cute! Don’t you want to nibble on Gwen?

  8. Holly

    Katrina, you are definitely ready for that baby!

  9. Melissa

    Beautiful pictures, it’s so nice to know someone who can take pictures like that.

  10. Natalie

    Oh my gosh, these are so cute. Brooke is awesome, and your girls are so gorgeous.


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