skinny cow

If you are having a craving for a little something sweet, here is what you need: The Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich.
delicious and nutritious!I’m not a big fan of the name. It reminds me of the Dress Barn. But they are low-fat and actually tasty little guys. Costco has the best deal on them—a pack of 20 (ten vanilla and ten chocolate) for only $10. I don’t have all the nutritional facts on me, but they are only TWO weight watchers points. In comparison to that evil cake from Costco, you could eat four boxes plus one individual skinny cow to equal the same weight watchers points value that the cake had. That’s 81 skinny cow ice cream sandwiches!! Pretty crazy. Anyhoo, vanilla is my fav. I highly recommend them. Go buy one and enjoy.

  1. Liz

    I am also a fan. At one time I found them with peanut butter ice cream in the middle but have not seen them for a while. They are really yummy with home made fudge on top, but then I guess that defeats the purpose and they wouldn’t just be 2 points anymore.

  2. Mom Kewish

    Yes, I think sometimes they just might be calling my name. I can almost hear them, I think from inside the freezer. :)


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