the BYU mountain

If you are in need of a really good lower body workout (and happen to be in or around Provo) you should hike the Y, or as Nezzie calls it “the BYU mountain.” If you want a more intense workout then you can carry an additional 15 lbs on your back. If you are a crazy, die hard workout person, you can also carry a 35 lb. child in your arms for portions of the hike as well—although, that wasn’t optional in our case. What I find to be the real mystery though is that I was more sore (for three days) than Dave, and all I carried were two Nalgene bottles of water plus snacks.
Upon starting our hike, and I mean RIGHT after we passed through the gate, Nezzie said rather emphatically, “I’m tired.” Dave and I had a good laugh at her expense because little did she know what was ahead of us. We made a few stops along the way to drink our “hiking water” and eat food for energy. And our little three-year-old was quite a trooper and also admired by fellow hikers. One man even called her “iron girl.”
Overall, it was fun and like I said, a REALLY good lower body workout. This will probably be our new Saturday workout because I am too lazy to do squats and lunges. Although for the most part, our future hikes will probably not include the girls.

  1. Perfectly Blended

    WOW!!! sounds like ALOT of fun. I love the picture of the family on the top of the mountain!!! That’s cool:)


  2. Nils and/or Katrina

    I always find that hike to be surprisingly difficult! Fabulous view, though! Love the pics!

  3. Brooke

    gwen looks so cute asleep in her backpack!

  4. courtneyb

    I love how you took one for the team and carried the water and snacks! hahaha where is your BYU apparel?

  5. carol

    We want to hike this when we are there this summer. Maybe Nezzie can be our guide!

  6. kristy wihongi

    Love it! I too must do this, with all the time spent in provo, i can’t believe it ever eluded me. And I wasn’t ever anti-hike-the-Y either. My kids loved this hike last summer with their uncle jon. I am deffinitely in this summer, the more on the hike, the merrier…well, maybe. good idea for the list of reunion activity ideas. :)

  7. Holly

    cindy – i should have gotten a second picture of us at the top. i should ALWAYS get a second picture when strangers are taking or pictures! and overall, it was a lot of fun when i remove the fussy three-year-old moments from my memory! :)

    katrina – i was surprised with how steep it is coming back down, that’s where the majority of my soreness came from.

    brooke – it was cute and kind of sad, gwen fell asleep with her little mouth on that strap. it looked so uncomfortable to me! but no matter how much i adjusted, she kept going back to that spot.

    courtney – someone had to keep us hydrated! :) and sadly, i don’t own any byu apparel that fits AND looks good in public right now. but if we hike the Y every saturday as planned, then maybe i will in a few months! :)

    kris & carol – DEFINITELY something we should do for the reunion.

  8. Tracy

    You are my idol! I only brave these type of things cause Chip loves it so much. Looks like fun though. Do your legs feel like rubber? :)

  9. Joe

    We’re in for hiking the Y.

    Kris – does Taz want to do it? ;)

  10. Jon

    I’m in as well, I guess that would be pretty lame if I’m the only one in the fam currently going to BYU and didn’t support a Y hike. Call us Holl we’ll go with you guys, unless its before like…12 pm hee hee. jk

  11. Heather

    Jon, why do you have your initials at the end of your comment? LOL

    I’d love to do a hike…well, if we can do a hike. All these wonderful ideas for activities! We are in for what we can be in for – absolutely!

    Holly I love those pictures!


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