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I don’t know if any of you guys have played with the Nintendo’s new Wii console yet, but apparently—along with its other fun features—it allows you to create your own little cartoony avatar, called a Mii. Personally, I haven’t used the Wii yet, but the word on the street is that it and these Miis are a lot of fun. You know, for kids.

I found a website called Mii Editor that allows you to create and save your own Mii online. It only took a few minutes to put together mini Miis for the entire Lesue clan.

Any other brave souls out there that want to share your Miis with us?

  1. Holly

    Dave, after listening to crickets all afternoon, there apparently are no brave souls.

    And sorry that you’ve never used and never will have a Wii. I’m a mean wife, I know. But you know I love you. And that’s better than any video game. Even SSX Tricky.

  2. Anonymous

    dave and holly, I love that you love ssx tricky. and i love that you said “you know, for kids.” i love that movie. -erin

  3. Dave

    Thank you Holly and Erin for the comments. Those crickets were deafening.

    I guess this is evidence that our readers don’t enjoy creating manga-like, Playskool Little People-looking heads of themselves online. Who knew?

    Maybe I should start posting unflattering Miis of all of our readers in retaliation. James White, you’re first!

  4. carol

    This was cute! I did one of me, but not of anyone else yet.

  5. Brooke

    FIRST OF ALL, you two, i always try to make it a point to comment on your blog, however yesterday i took a two hour nap during my normal blogging time. okay, my normal big chunk of blogging time when i should be cleaning the house… those other 14 blog checks, i guess i just didn’t see this??? sorry.

    i’m going to make my mii right now!

  6. c jane

    Creating a Mii was a point of contention with my spouse and me (or is it, Mii, or is it I?)
    First he made me brunette, which I haven’t been in two years.
    Second of all, he gave me a lime shirt. I eat lime, but I don’t wear it.
    Third of all, he made me about 3 feet shorter than all the other Miis in the town square.
    I wonder why we are even married in the first place…

  7. Nils and/or Katrina

    Dear Dave and Holly,
    The fact is that I’m just too lazy to do make a Mii of myself. I actually visited the website and decided it’s too complicated for the likes of me. This shows you the vastness of my creative/technical expertise. My spouse, however, would probably enjoy the process, so I’ll make him do it.

  8. Holly

    okay katrina, you are off the hook. there will be no posting of an unflattering Uuu here. and your pregnant, so i’ll cut you MUCH slack.

  9. Holly

    erin – there will always be a special place in my heart for SSX Tricky, no matter how much i dislike video games. and can you believe i’ve never seen The Hudsucker Proxy? dave had to tell me what movie, because i didn’t even know he had quoted it, and well, i wouldn’t have since i haven’t seen it. by the way, can we watch Miss Firecracker on or around the 4th of July please?

    carol – you should do one for everyone and post them on your blog. jon and ashley did it on theirs.

    brooke – i know about thinking of commenting and then not actually doing it. and then the person goes and posts something new and the old post is a thing of the past, no one really looks at it anymore for comments, yadda, yadda, yadda. you are off the hook too. plus, i’m sure that your two hour nap was well needed. but you too should do them for your family. i’d love to see what you all look like…you with your bon jovi hair, luke with his crazy hair, tess the asian baby, etc. :)

    cjane – i hope you two have kissed and made up. we don’t want to see the headlines about your divorce and find out that the reasoning was irreconcilable differences over your Uuus!

  10. Joe

    Well, I would make a Mii of me, but it would look exactly the same as what I look like in real life, so you can just look right over there —->

    Also, um, no woman is better than SSX tricky.


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