california, here we come

…right back where we started from. Well, at least I did. And when I say “started,” I mean from age one, since I was actually born in Boston.

Anyhoo, we are off on a little family vacation. We are going to hang with some of our good friends, James and Melissa, go to Disneyland, Coronado Island and Sea World.

So, we will be taking a bit of a blog break. We promise lots of pictures when we return.

Beth, I will be calling you, I want to see you!

happy, happy day

We finally got a double jogging stroller. I LOVE IT.

And this is just a little bonus for me.


Nezzie loves to lick the brownie bowl and spoon.

pink moon

night drive

i’ll take one of each…

I was just browsing online and wishing for a few things.
Like this Stila lipgloss that I LOVE, in banana flavor

I’ll take a pair of these MBT shoes that I learned about from Brooke, in a size 10 (they are only $250)

and it would be fun to bake with Nigella’s measuring cups

I would get Dave this t-shirt

I would love to redecorate Inez’s room using this bedding from The Land of Nod

and I want to dress the girls in matching dresses, like this one from Oilily

Is there something that you want?

happy birthday charles!

Today Charles turns FIVE!! He is the first child of my brother Joe and his wife Liz.

Charles is one of the brightest five-year-olds ever, as evidenced by this clip from Christmas of 2005. Let me just preface this clip with the fact that Joe and Liz didn’t make him memorize this, he picked it up on his own.

He is such a good brother, so sweet and also very obedient. We love our little nephew/cousin and can’t wait to see him in about a month! You can read more about Charles and his family on their blog.

;( :)

Dave and I were reading the scriptures the other night (because we are SO righteous) and we read the following passage (Mark 6:14):

“And king Herod heard of him;(for his name was spread abroad:) and he said, That John the Baptist was risen from the dead, and therefore mighty works do shew forth themselves in him.”

We both had a laugh (you havin’ a laff?) because our brains automatically converted the passage’s punctuation into emoticons. Then we tried to figure out what the first one means. Winking AND frowning at the same time? What would that even mean?

Then we decided that we have been on the computer way too much recently and that we are both going to hell. ;(

crazy bees

Well, I admit I have been very neglectful of our dear little blog. I have about a million posts that are saved as drafts because I haven’t had time to finish and post them. Life is just too busy right now. I feel like I have crazy bees in my head. I have a list of 29 things to do and we are leaving next Thursday to go out of town.

By the way, the marathon long list does not include anything I need to do to get us ready to leave for our vacation. Don’t you feel sorry for me?

regina spektor

Her music is in my head and I can’t get it out.