happy birthday charles!

Today Charles turns FIVE!! He is the first child of my brother Joe and his wife Liz.

Charles is one of the brightest five-year-olds ever, as evidenced by this clip from Christmas of 2005. Let me just preface this clip with the fact that Joe and Liz didn’t make him memorize this, he picked it up on his own.

He is such a good brother, so sweet and also very obedient. We love our little nephew/cousin and can’t wait to see him in about a month! You can read more about Charles and his family on their blog.

  1. Brooke

    oh my goodness– i’m freaking out over that video. he is so cute and sooo smart!

  2. Tracy

    OH…..MY……GOSH. I have never seen anything so darn cute or so darn amazing. I will be calling my whole family in to watch it. WOW!!!

  3. Joe

    Charles says thanks for the birthday wishes and nice comments. He spent his 5th birthday on a Father and Sons campout catching scorpions and chasing lightning bugs. Since this was the first time he’s been camping he got to do a lot of new things. Every time he did something new he said, “Dad, I can do that because I’m FIVE.” Of course, his little brother would immediately yell “I’M THREE AND A HALF AND I CAN DO IT TOO!” We slipped a few candles into a pecan roll during the cracker barrel and we sang him Happy Birthday, but he had a real celebration the next day with the worm cake and everything. Details soon on our blog.

  4. carol

    Charles is such a cutie and so smart! We are glad to have him in our family. The girls can’t wait to see him and play with him in July:)

  5. Natalie

    So I’m at my parents house right now and I showed my dad the picture of Charles and Tori and it took me a few minutes to convince him that it wasn’t Lexie in the picture. It’s really so crazy how much they look alike and like their dads. I think we should create a game or something where you have to guess who the baby in the picture is.

    We miss you Charles! Happy Birthday bud.

  6. Joe

    Totally Natalie! It’s cool to see how much they look alike.


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