happy birthday james!

James Mallea was born today in 1979 (on Heather’s b-day, see previous post) in Orange, California. As the sixth of seven children, James certainly knew how to get attention (it is taking a lot of will power to refrain from posting a picture of James from when he was about six, wearing a wire hanger on his head and a plastic grocery bag on his shoulders that, I believe, he was going to use as a parachute).

Towering over the rest of us at 6′6″, James is a passionate Angels fan, as well as baseball in general (I think Field of Dreams is one of his favorite movies). He hates clowns. We used to tease him about clowns until we realized that it’s a true hatred of them. I think his first girlfriend was named Bianca Swan (I can still tease him about that though). Dave and I lived with him and Natalie for about a month while we were in between houses and it was so fun, at least for Dave and me. We watched Paradise Hotel together—a true bonding experience, and he and Dave would sometimes stay up until three in the morning playing PlayStation (while Natalie and I sewed). I believe it was around this time that “bird heroine” came about (which is not a real drug for those of you that have NO idea what I’m talking about). Ah, the memories.

After graduating from BYU in 2005 James moved his family all the way to the East Coast, which is WAY too far in my opinion. He now works for Pulte Homes and will go back to school for a business degree. He and his wife Natalie (who was my visiting teacher in my singles ward) have two darling girls, Sammie, who will be three next month, and Lexi who is almost eight months old.

I am so glad that James is my bro and will always be my little bro no matter how tall, old and wise he becomes! I love you Chauchiebolo!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Click here to read more about James and his girls.

  1. Joe

    Actually, I think it’s not that James hates clowns, but that he is AFRAID of them–like a little girl.

    Just kidding! Happy birthday bro.

  2. carol

    Happy Birthday James! I hope you have a great day today. I am so proud of you and your sweet family. You have the best sense of humor and sweet tender heart. I love the way you always took care of mom and the way you are taking care of your cute little family now. I am glad you are my brother! I love you!

  3. Liz

    Happy Birthday James. I hope you have a great day!!

  4. James

    Thank you very much for the kind post sis. For the record Bianca Swan was a girl I DIDN’T like and Joe would constantly give me a hard time about it, and although I’ll get down to 6′6″ again it’s still 6′7″ (but after 6′3″ does it really make a difference anymore)Anyway, thanks for the birthday wishes. I love you!

  5. heath

    HAHA! Happy Birthday Jamez!!!

    I love you lil birthday bud! What can I say except that you always ALWAYS put a smile on my face and I adore your sweet wife and family! My only wish is that we lived closer…or something like that. HAHA.

    Love you my wonderful brother! We share a bond that is truly unique and understand each other in ways that mystify those on the outside.


  6. kristy wihongi

    james, i hope that you had a great day….sorry we called you so late. you are a very special part of my life also. yeah, i know, it’s cliche but i remember babysitting you A LOT. but it was more like you were my little buddy. and then when you came to babysit my own kids and hang out with us. i have incredible memories and such a special place in my heart for you. i absolutely adore and admire you. you are unique, one of a kind and i can’t imagine life without you. i love your family and what you have already built and continue to build here on earth and on into the eternities. happy birthday. i love your guts! kris

  7. Jon

    Yeah, he’s alright…jk Happy Birthday Chauch. Granted you influenced me to be really really wierd by also putting plastic bags on me and wire hangers on my head we still had a lot of fun playing. Skater bros for life! Thank you for always being there for me and a great example growing up and still to this day. I hope you had a great Birthday. I love you
    Jon (Bolo)

  8. Natalie

    I suppose I should post a comment here even though it’s extremely overdue and after all he IS only the love of my life. I feel really bad for not posting an entry on OUR blog for James’ birthday, so thanks for covering it Holly. You’re the best.

    Anyway, I agree of course with all the wonderful things that you all said. I am so glad that you all were so willing to share your amazing brother with me. I am so grateful that I get to spend my life with him and I’m so thankful for the patience that he has with me and my shortcomings. He is the best daddy and I know that the girls would agree. He makes me laugh every day. He is such a hard worker and I just respect and admire him so much. I’m so glad that he is my best friend and I really hope to be more like him someday.

    Happy Birthday babe! I love you.

  9. Celeste

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