i’ll take one of each…

I was just browsing online and wishing for a few things.
Like this Stila lipgloss that I LOVE, in banana flavor

I’ll take a pair of these MBT shoes that I learned about from Brooke, in a size 10 (they are only $250)

and it would be fun to bake with Nigella’s measuring cups

I would get Dave this t-shirt

I would love to redecorate Inez’s room using this bedding from The Land of Nod

and I want to dress the girls in matching dresses, like this one from Oilily

Is there something that you want?

  1. carol

    Cute things:)

  2. the mccoy's

    i have a list of things i wish for…everyday. i will be posting them soon. i am totally wishing. dreaming these days. i love these types of posts. glad to know what you want. cute, cute style.

  3. the mccoy's

    i think that is so funny you have a tee picked out for your man. i have outfits saved for mine. i love it when i can play “paper dolls” on my blog. have a dreamy kind of day!

  4. Brooke

    i’ll take that lipgloss, thank you very much.

  5. Brooke

    ps- LOVE the mbts. i even went running in them yesterday. foolish looking (me running, not the shoes) yes, but my thighs are sore!

  6. Holly

    brooke, i keep thinking, what if i had those shoes for disneyland. that would be great but probably so tiring!

  7. Tracy

    Oh, I LOVE that bedding!! Okay, I still want that Chi flat iron we were talking about on Brooke’s blog!!!

  8. Brooke

    oh yeah, i want the chi too. no, i just don’t want it, i need it!

  9. Holly

    all i know is that when i first used my chi iron dave came home and asked me if i had gotten my hair cut that day because my hair is only ever styled cute after i get it cut. that’s how magic the chi is. (thanks kristy, you are the best!)

    did that make any sense?


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