happy birthday james!

James Mallea was born today in 1979 (on Heather’s b-day, see previous post) in Orange, California. As the sixth of seven children, James certainly knew how to get attention (it is taking a lot of will power to refrain from posting a picture of James from when he was about six, wearing a wire hanger on his head and a plastic grocery bag on his shoulders that, I believe, he was going to use as a parachute).

Towering over the rest of us at 6′6″, James is a passionate Angels fan, as well as baseball in general (I think Field of Dreams is one of his favorite movies). He hates clowns. We used to tease him about clowns until we realized that it’s a true hatred of them. I think his first girlfriend was named Bianca Swan (I can still tease him about that though). Dave and I lived with him and Natalie for about a month while we were in between houses and it was so fun, at least for Dave and me. We watched Paradise Hotel together—a true bonding experience, and he and Dave would sometimes stay up until three in the morning playing PlayStation (while Natalie and I sewed). I believe it was around this time that “bird heroine” came about (which is not a real drug for those of you that have NO idea what I’m talking about). Ah, the memories.

After graduating from BYU in 2005 James moved his family all the way to the East Coast, which is WAY too far in my opinion. He now works for Pulte Homes and will go back to school for a business degree. He and his wife Natalie (who was my visiting teacher in my singles ward) have two darling girls, Sammie, who will be three next month, and Lexi who is almost eight months old.

I am so glad that James is my bro and will always be my little bro no matter how tall, old and wise he becomes! I love you Chauchiebolo!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Click here to read more about James and his girls.

happy birthday heather!

Heather Jo was born today… a few years ago, in Bellflower, California. She is the third of seven children and a very fun big sis. I still remember sitting in the back of the car and squealing from pure excitement after it was announced by our parents that we would be going to watch the Disneyland fireworks*! This may be one of the reasons as to why Heather is a big Disney fan today, and being raised in Anaheim, only three miles from the Happiest Place on Earth, it’s really no surprise. I still remember dancing with her and our brother Joe at Videopolis (wow, that name just sounds TOTALLY 80s).

As a younger sister, I was always envious of her great curly hair, smooth skin, and trendy clothes. We shared a room for a long time and she loved scaring me about the “deep end” of the bed, which was just a big crack between our bed and the wall. She is very wise and has great inner strength. I would say she’s one of the “steel magnolias” in my life, even though we aren’t from the South. She has a great family. Her fifteen year old son, Payne, is Autistic and our whole famiy has been blessed to have him in our lives. He is followed by Mallea (13), Josie (8) and Campbell (5). Heather is married to Graigg, who dotes on her and buys her Tiffany jewelry. They live in Missouri, which is WAY too far, in my opinion!

I am so glad that she’s my sistah. I love you Headie!! HAPPY B-DAY!! To read more about her, check out Heather’s blog.

*This will probably age me (as if the Videopolis comment didn’t enough), but when we lived in Anaheim, we could see the fireworks from our backyard. Sometimes we would drive to the top of Wagner hill and watch them with anyone else who had stopped. But the best was when my parents were really feeling nice (this is where the squeals came in) and we would drive over to Disneyland and park in the back lot, which is now where ToonTown in located. This was by far the best seat in the house, except for probably the best seat in the house INSIDE the park.

"wuke" and "mez"

Here are a bunch of pictures of Nezzie and Luke that Brooke took. These kids are two very rambunctious three-year-olds.

a beautiful thing

As I drove over point of the mountain into SLC, my eyes spied something WONDERFUL. What has been gray concrete for the past year or so is now a gorgeous blue and yellow building.

After the announcement a year and a half ago, they are getting ready to open their beautiful doors on May 23rd. Blue and yellow have never looked so good.

before and after

This is my little baby burrito before her nap,

and here she is after. I have no idea how she got her pants off.