regina spektor

Her music is in my head and I can’t get it out.

  1. Holly

    oh my gosh dave, you have such a crush on her. should i be jealous?

  2. Dave

    I totally have a crush on her songs—definitely not on her.

    You’re one to talk! Need I remind you of your smoldering crush on our good friend Jin?

  3. Holly

    uh, excuse me. it was NEVER smoldering. and it was only during the first season.

  4. Dave


  5. Brooke

    i love you guys. you seriously crack me up.

    and, i’m always needing new music suggestions, so thank you dave, for finding songs to have crushes on…

  6. Liz

    Jin? Wow Holly, you never told me that one. You know he supposedly dies next season right?

  7. Jon

    Jin?! He doesn’t even speak a English! ahhaha welp whatever floats your boat…to escape the island…and get back to civilization. :)
    PS Where did you find that pic Dave? That’s funny

  8. Holly

    EWWWW!!!!! I hadn’t even clicked on the link to see that picture of Jin. That’s gross. First season crush is gone. Seriously, that picture looks like it belongs in a men’s calendar. Not that I usually look at those, but my mind is forever scarred by the one that Kristy brought home as a joke (I’m hoping it was a joke) from Hawaii of “Island Men”. It was nasty and not because there aren’t good looking polynesian men out there (Kristy and Beth would know) but because they were all in speedos, with gross mullets and mustaches (this was the late 80s, I think) and looking out at you with a “hey baby, what’s your sign” type of expression.
    Ew. Ew. Ew.

  9. kristy wihongi

    yeah, it was a kind of a joke…since the guy on the cover was a guy i was ‘hanging’ out with. he was really nice and i must say there was some attraction there…however it kind of left when he gave me the calendar. ugh

  10. Holly

    please tell me you still have it somewhere. NOT BECAUSE I WANT TO LOOK AT IT. but because that would make the best white elephant gift. i always think of perfect white elephant gifts and then we are never invited to any parties where people actually have that exchange. :(

  11. Holly

    okay, i am now addicted to regina spektor as well. thanks dave! really, thank you. i love her. we just bought her whole album off iTunes. i think “Samson” (the second video) is my favorite right now. it may change by tomorrow.

  12. courtneyb

    Ryan downloaded her album last year and I love it and also could never get the songs out of my head. sorry, this has nothing to do with holly’s secret obsession with men calendars. But in rome I did see one with priests. not in speedos but with seductive looks on their faces. want me to pick one up for you?


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