Nezzie loves to lick the brownie bowl and spoon.

  1. courtneyb

    I’m waiting to hear about the IKEA grand opening!! some hardcore fan you are.

  2. Dave

    Seriously! I got home from work yesterday expecting to hear all about the grand opening, only to find out that Holly hadn’t even gone to it!

    She is really losing Ikea street cred.

    Or would it be aisle cred?

  3. Holly

    i know, i didn’t go to the ikea opening. sad. but after i heard on the news that people were camping out, i decided that dave was right and that it was going to be crazy.

    plus, i have been so busy with getting ready for our trip tomorrow that i really couldn’t use a chunk of my day, even at ikea.

    and since we are going on vacation tomorrow, i really have no extra money to spend there because i want to spend it in california!

    so maybe i’m an ikea poser for some, but you better believe that i will be there right after our return! :)

  4. Brooke

    and i’ll be there right along with you.

  5. Tracy

    Oh, brownie batter sounds SO good right now!!


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