a few firsts

First lemon

First clippie, and notice the shirt drenched in drool. That is no shadow, it’s just her norm.

First ice cream (not Mommy feeding her!)

First tooth

Only one so far and it is so cute when she smiles!

  1. the mccoy's

    the first comment: i love her name. reminds me of another gwen i know. love gwen stefani. anyhoo=she is a doll. what a cute post.

  2. Tracy

    sweet, sweet girl!! I LOVE putting little “pretties” (as my babies called them) in that baby hair! Great sour face, and cute highchair! :)

  3. Dave

    I love her single tooth. It’s so perfectly baby-cute. I almost hope that she doesn’t get any more. Almost.

  4. Nils &/Or Katrina

    Adorable. I love her clippie.

  5. kewish

    Having now just seen it in person, I can verify that the snaggle-tooth is very cute. And the ice-cream feeder hand looks suspiciously like a grandpa hand…


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