coronado island

I really miss the beach. Even kelp covered ones.Our thanks again to the Whites and Barkers for a great time on the island. I have been feeling very nostalgic as I look through our vacation pictures. One day at the beach just wasn’t enough for me. Dave still isn’t sold on the beach now that we have kids which makes it that much harder. But that is true about anything in life. Every now and then I get this longing for it, living here in Utah. Landlocked.

I miss the warm sand in my toes when laying in the warm sun. I miss the sound of the waves crashing. When we were in Coronado and we could hear them at night, it took me right back to BYU-Hawaii. What a lucky little 20 year-old I was to be living there well, for many reasons. But one of the things I miss the most is falling asleep to the crashing waves.

I miss how good hot dogs and s’mores are when you roast them on the beach. I miss watching the sunset, and the sunset at Sunset for that matter. I miss cutetanlines. I miss the smell of coppertone mixed with the smell of the beach. I miss standing in the surf and feeling the sand being pulled out beneath you. I miss the beachy breeze. I miss it all…the good and bad, tan and sunburn.

Here is my nephew Charles’ recent experience at the beach. I wonder if he misses it at all.

What do you love and/or miss about the beach?

  1. Brooke


    and feel in a constant state of longing for the beach, the beautiful constant ocean…

    i love the laziness of it, the sunshine, i love the way it feeds my soul. i don’t know how, but it does. is it the salty, briny air? is it the sound?

    and i love the beach with my kids! for me, the beach is the easiest, best kid activity ever. they stay entertained by the sand and water over their toes (for hours!), and i just get to sit there…

    and they are beyond tired out at the end of it!

    sorry, i should do my own post… i could go on and on and on and start waxing poetic about this subject. very close to my heart.

    (hmmm. really?)

  2. courtneyb

    everything you and Brooke mentioned. But I find myself wanting to go nowadays because my kids love it so much and I love being there with them. They are so content there and love it.

    I DO miss my wed. night body surfing club at Pico in San Clemente. oh, the good ole’ days when I could body surf and yes, I actually competed (sp? i know pathetic)
    and your post made it all worse, thanks a lot for ruining my day! hahaha j/k

  3. the mccoy's

    that video is so fun. poor lil guy! i really miss building sand castles and then finding the perfect feather to put on top. laying on my hot towell drying off. laying out. and listening to music. i miss it all. and eating grapes, and throwing a frisbee or a football. and then walking all the way down shore, and seeing otters in the ocean and sea shells. so fun. thanks for reminding me.

  4. Joe

    We love the beach and are so glad to only be a 2 hour drive away. Depending on the specific beach and potential dangers, it can be a very good kid activity. Our last trip saw the boys playing happily for hours and hours while we just sat or bodysurfed. And as Brooke correctly noted, the kids are dead tired afterward and easily managed. And despite Charles’ little adventure in the video (that I still laugh at like a bad Dad), he still loves it. Joey keeps asking “when are we going back to the beach hotel?” Soon…very soon.

  5. the mccoy's

    i put you as a link and i will check your blog more. i love you my catherine tate friend.

  6. James

    I agree, one day at the beach wasn’t enough. (Apparently, they cleared the kelp the day after. They obviously did not realize the Lesues would be visiting)

    I love how every beach has it’s own unique quality. From the sand to the break and the people they attract, no two are the same. And yes, the sound of the waves induced the best nights of sleep I’ve ever had.

    I don’t miss Matt sabotaging our effort to break the ‘Smashball’ World Record for consecutive hits. Dave, the record is ours for the taking!!

  7. Mom K

    hmmmm…okay, I guess there are some good things about the beach…but since I’m an Idaho girl, I prefer the mountains and trees. I’m not too good in the sun and I remember one of my first experiences with Dad at the beach–as newlyweds–he put a sand crab down my bathing suit.

    I do remember great beach trips with all you kids but, upon arriving home, there was LOTS of sand in and on everthing to clean up and often some sunburns to deal with. However, not being a truly negative person, I agree: kids LOVE the beach and there were always shells to find, holes to dig and sandcastles to build, along with covering the boys and making girls into mermaids in the sand, etc. And, I LOVE the sound of the ocean.

  8. Holly

    I have to say that I’m disappointed in lack of comments on this post. I know a lot of you readers love and/or have had a lot of experience at the beach (good and bad). And I’m specifically talking to Jon, the Makaafis, the Butlers, the Cobbs, the Wihongis, Dad, and generally speaking to everyone else. Where is the love people?

    And thanks to Brooke (our constant commenter), Courtney (you little surfer girl, you!), Cori (amen) and Joe (I didn’t realize how close you guys were to the beach).

    Also, I can’t help but laugh at Charles every time I watch that video. It may be comparable to my experience of getting hammered by the shore break at Sunset in Hawaii. I made the big mistake of turning my back on the ocean, and when I turned back around there was a wall of water right in front of me. Kind of like that old Mickey Mouse cartoon where Goofy is trying to surf and the wave is like a hand made of water that keeps smacking him around. I think I may still have water up my nose, and it happened ten years ago!

  9. Holly

    James White and Mom. Thanks! You commented as I was composing my “call for comments” comment.

    James, that is so true about different beaches attracting different people. I prefer the surfing beaches on the North Shore to the touristy beaches like Waikiki, and OC beaches to LA beaches. But that’s just me, and I’m just one person.

    And Mom, Dad was (and still is) a kid at heart! Lucky for him when he put the sand crab down your bathing suit, you were already married! I hope he didn’t do anything like this to you on your recent cruise!

    Oh, I neglected to say that even my own husband hasn’t commented yet. *sigh*

  10. Beth

    I’m here! I’m here! I can’t wait for this one! Remember how we would wake up at 6:00 on a non-seminary morning just to take the bus to the beach, spend 3 hours on the bus, 2 at 32nd (the only place to be) street, and have to leave early just to get home by bus? And Holly and Brooke, we lived in paradise at the A-Frame in Hawaii so that we could pinch pennies to go to school so that we could one day live in Non-Hawaii? I don’t get it! I still drive there to relieve stress. Love the smell of the ocean air after returning home from vacation. NICE POST HOLLY!!

  11. Holly

    Beth, the OCTA!! How could I ever forget those days! And 32nd st. in Newport. And “bikini beach” in Laie, hitchhiking to the North Shore…

    I think I owe a lot of my beach memories to you! Maybe one day we can rent one of the houses in Newport.

  12. courtneyb

    I was just telling my italian friend that the only time i’ve ever riden a bus in the states is when I would go to the beach as a teenager and it would take an hour! that’s funny that you used to do the same. nowadays, no way would I ever do that.

  13. Holly

    same here courtney. in fact my family teases my older brother (still) from the time he took the wrong bus and called home from seal beach! i think my dad had to go pick him up.

    i don’t think i’ll be letting my kids do that. but then again, who knows what i’ll be like or what i’ll let them do when they are teenagers!

  14. Tracy

    I was so relieved to see Mom K’s comment! I was starting to feel bad for not being a big beach lover! I didn’t know you were an Idaho girl – I love it here! Mountains and trees, my favorite too! Chip and I watched Joe’s video several times and laughed a little harder each time. Love that!!

  15. Brooke

    oh bikini beach! although i never was one for a bikini…

  16. Dave

    I feel like I have to comment now that Holly has called me out, although, at 15 (now 16) comments, does this post really need any more comments? I think no.

    Speaking of posts, it makes me laugh internally when people call blog posts “blogs.” As in, “I wrote a new blog today.” Really? A whole new blog?

    I shouldn’t make fun of anyone though, especially on the internet, where they can hear you.

    I just realized that I have now officially commented on Holly’s beach post, without really commenting on its contents.

    I’ll just say that beaches are fun. I enjoy them. They are also very sandy. Their many granular fruits tend to tag along when you leave. This, I do not enjoy.

  17. Holly

    wow, FOUR different comments on FOUR different posts! my guilt
    trip(s) finally broke you dave.


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