our happiest place on earth

Our days at Disneyland went by too fast. We were lucky enough to share them with both The Cobbs and The Whites.

Gene, Bridget and Caitlin waiting to get their spin on.

Meeting Buzz Lightyear was rather exciting.

But Aladin took the cake. She is telling him here that Jasmine is her favorite princess. That’s news to me!

I think a teeny crush formed.

We were there just days before the opening of the Nemo Submarine attraction. But they had the seagulls working, they randomly call out, “mine! mine! mine!” in their funny voices.

The traditional family picture.

I for Inez.

This is one of our favorite places to hang out in New Orleans Square.

Especially because it’s right next to the spot where Dave can pick up his favorite refreshment.

Inez and Natalie were happily playing here until a cast member came up to them and told them they had to get off because there were snakes in that honey. They freaked out as any little girl would. I couldn’t believe someone would actually say that instead of something more appropriate like, “please get down from there.”

We are always so sad when our days at Disneyland are over.


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